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How to Move to Canada With Your Family – Step By Step Guide

How to Move to Canada With Your Family

Have you been doubting about the reality of the Canadian immigration program?

It is true that many Canadian immigration programs allow you to immigrate to Canada with your family. Canada has a strong commitment to family reunification, too, so you can also apply to sponsor your spouse, children, parents, and grandparents if you’re already in Canada!

Concordia Entrance Scholarship in Canada 2022/2023

Concordia Entrance Scholarship in Canada

The Concordia Entrance Scholarship is open to international students who are top-performing students from all over the world. This award is offered by Concordia University, and it is for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the university. You will love to know that the funding is usually made accessible to students the moment they receive admission, which allows students to focus on their research and studies. These funding packages could include awards that are generated by the operating funds of Concordia University, and/or through the kindness of individual sponsors.

Cape Breton University Entrance Scholarships in Canada 2022/2023

Cape Breton University

The Cape Breton University Entrance Scholarships program is presently inviting applications from qualified domestic and international students for their Undergraduate Studies Entrance Scholarships. These scholarship awards are applicable to and granted to undergraduate students with exceptional academic performance and/or students who are clearly in financial need.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program at University of Guelph in Canada 2022

University of Guelph in Canada

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program really regards academic merit in graduate studies (master’s and doctoral levels) in all fields of academic study. The program is mutually supported by funds offered by the Ministry of Training, College and Universities (‘ministry’) and funds offered by the University of Guelph.  The ministry donates two-thirds of the award value and the university provides one-third.

International Entrance Scholarship at University of Calgary in Canada 2022/2023

University of Calgary in Canada

International Entrance Scholarship at the University of Calgary is a completely funded undergraduate scholarship. It is offered to foreign students entering the fresh year in the Fall Term in any undergraduate degree program.

Waterloo University Scholarships for International Students Undergraduates Masters and PhD Studies 2023 Canada

waterloo university in Canada

Waterloo University Scholarships for international students are currently open. In this article, we will have access to full detail about the scholarship, its worth and its application stages.

Top Universities in Canada You can Study without IELTS

Top Universities in Canada

What is IELTS?
IELTS means International English Language Test, and is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language.

How To Study in Canada – Admissions, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Visa Requirements

You may ask Why study in Canada? – Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass, only behind Russia, with a population density that runs at about 4 inhabitants per square kilometer (compared to India, with a whopping 416/km²!).

Getting Visa To Migrate To Canada – See Requirements

With world-class healthcare facilities, quality and research-based education, flexible immigration policies, security and ample employment opportunities, Canada, no doubt is one of the best countries in the world to live, work and raise a family. there is no shortage of reasons why Canada is a major immigrant destination.

How To Apply For Canada Visa: Step By Step Procedure

Are you thinking of travelling to Canada and searching for how to obtain Canada visa? If yes then read on …. Canada is a north American country and it’s no doubt one of the most prosperous countries in the world. According to Wikipedia,