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World’s Five Largest Banks see Investment Banking Revenue Slide to $26.1bn in 2019

Trade tensions, slow growth, and low-interest rates all left their mark on the world’s largest banks last year, affecting the investment banking revenue they racked up.

European Business P2P Lending Industry to Reach $6.5bn Value This Year

Over the last decade, business peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowdlending, has become an appealing alternative financial source for many European companies. Although lending platforms are not immune to the disruption caused by the pandemic, the latest data show that P2P investments may be unrelated to the stock market slides caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Digital Payments in Europe to Surpass $802bn Transaction Value This Year

The increasing number of mobile phone users and the massive growth of eCommerce have led to the rapid adoption of digital payments all over the world. Cashless payments have become an appealing alternative to many European consumers, as well, causing a significant impact on the payments industry traditionally dominated by cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

How to Choose Best Index Funds in India for Investment in 2020

Over the past many years, Index funds have been considered one of the smartest investments to make. They’re affordable and well diversified, and tend to generate above average returns over long time, generally outperforming actively managed funds from the top investment firms. According to SEBI’s defintion, Index funds are open-ended schemes which replicate or track the stock market’s broader index.

Regulatory Clarity Alone Won’t Drive Crypto Mainstream Adoption

In a recent interview with, chief executive David Kemmerer stated that clear cryptocurrency regulations alone will not lead to mainstream adoption of digital currencies. He noted that clear regulations are only part of the bigger puzzle for mainstream adoption.

One in Five Europeans Have Experienced Identity Theft Fraud in the Last Two Years

Identity theft is rapidly expanding, causing substantial financial loss to millions of people all around the world. This invisible crime is also widespread across the European countries, where the growing number of consumers is targeted by sophisticated fraudulent scams each year, both offline and online.

Global Crowdfunding Market to Hit $8.5bn Worth This Year

Recent years have witnessed the rising popularity of crowdfunding, with more and more startup companies and businesses utilizing this alternative method of raising money. According to data gathered by, the global crowdfunding market is set to maintain its rapid growth this year, increasing 23.3% year-on-year and reaching over $8.5 bn in transaction value.

Number of Crowdfunding Campaigns to Jump Over 12 Million by 2023

Crowdfunding represents a method of raising capital through the collective effort of a large pool of individual investors, mostly by using online platforms. It provides streamlined financial services and connects borrowers directly to lenders by offering various models of investing in business growth, from reward and donation-based models to profit sharing and equity crowdfunding.

Almost 50% of Americans Have Less Than $100K in Retirement Savings

America’s yawning retirement savings gap is growing at a rate of $3trn per year. In 2015, the difference between what people have and should have saved was around $28trn, and by 2050, it is forecast to hit $137trn.

Top 5 Richest Men in 20th Century Worth 3x More Than Today’s Top 5 Billionaires

Data gathered and calculated by indicates that the top five richest people of the 20th currently have a combined net worth of $1.62 trillion. With inflation adjustments, the data shows that this group had a cumulative net worth of  $63 billion in 1913.

Nigeria To Borrow N510 Billion Via Bond Sale In Q1 2020

The Debt Management Office (DMO) has said it would approach the local debt market to auction bonds belonging to the Federal Government of Nigeria worth between N420 billion and N510 billion in the first quarter of 2020.