Best Prepaid Debit Cards : All You Need To Know

Checkout the Best Prepaid Debit Cards and All You Need To Know.

When you have a prepaid debit card, it is easier to learn money management skills and other financial knowledge and you will always be able to learn how to have successful spending habits. One of the best ways you can actually avoid having much debt is by making use of prepaid debit cards.

You can make use of prepaid debit cards anywhere in the world even online whether it is debit or credit cards they are accepting. You will easily to able to avoid debt with prepaid debit cards and you only need to load money into the card and when you are done spending the money, you won’t be able to further any transaction. If you are someone that is trying to manage your overspending habit, it is advisable you try out using prepaid debit cards.

What Does Prepaid Debit Cards Means?

A prepaid debit card is a card that can help you make a good budgeting plan with different convenient features which are easy to get. With prepaid debit card, there is no credit check and even when you don’t a bank account probably due to what you have experienced about banking. Meanwhile, prepaid debit cards usually differ with credit cards because you only need to load money into it before it can be used.

This shows that you don’t need to have a bank account to get a prepaid debit card and you will load the prepaid debit card with money when you get it whereby you can now use it to make purchases. We have highlighted some of the best prepaid cards you can use in 2019 based on their fees and features.

Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa Card:                                                 People that usually go to grocery shopping at Kroger can enjoy using this card most. The prepaid debit card is designed with a reward structure whereby you can be able to rack up free groceries. With this prepaid debit card, you can up to $10 bonus the moment you sign up for direct deposit and also it is possible to deposit up to $5,000 on your card for free. In fact you can easily load up to $1,000 in cash at any Kroger location for a fee of $3. This card also has a mobile app that consists of budgeting tools and check deposit ability. You don’t need any credit check with this card and you can earn at least 1 point per dollar spent on all your purchases.
Bluebird by American Express: This card is authenticated by American ore Express and they partnered with Walmart store and the card provide more than the average prepaid debit card whereby you can load cash into it without paying any fee. However, it doesn’t really allow cash back at retailers. With Bluebird, you don’t need to pay any monthly fee and no credit check is required.
American Express Serve: People that normally generate higher income can enjoy using this card. The card is now opened for everyone to use when credit cards along with charge cards are produced because such reputation has changed and it is now for every individuals. You can make use of this prepaid debit card at thousands of locations across United States of America.
NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card: If you are looking for prepaid debit cards that are easy to understand with good fee structure, you can consider NetSpend whether you are willing to pay as you go or make unlimited transactions without additional fees. This card does not require any credit check or minimum balance with no activation fee. It is easy for you to make purchases with your new NetSpend card which is faster than other card options. It is possible for you to load your card for free at more than 130,000 reload locations whereby checks can be loaded onto your card through your mobile phone. With this card, you can operate online banking in order to manage and pay bills online. This card typically consists of three different plans which include Pay As You Go, Fee Advantage Plan and Reduced Monthly Plan. If you make a little purchase each month, it is more appropriate to go for pay-as-you-go plan with no monthly fee and in a situation whereby you make a lot of purchases; you can consider one of the plans with a monthly fee and unlimited transactions.
MOVO Virtual Prepaid Visa Card: This prepaid card is very easy to get and almost free to use. This card is usually issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank and it is easily done when you download the app and open an account. You can make use of the money you deposited instantly and it is a very easy way to get prepaid debit card. You don’t need any credit check with this card and there is no monthly fees attached. It is possible for you to add cash to your card via direct deposit and a cash load at qualifying retailers can be done such as Walgreens and Safeway. You can use MOVO prepaid card to withdraw cash from included ATMs for free. The card can charge you for every month or each time you make a purchase.
Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card: This card is best for free reloads and a check through the bank’s numerous networks of over 13,000 ATMs. This card allows users to reload, deposit and cash and checks. You can have live customer support that is available on mobile phone which can be done 24/7. This card usually comes with $5 monthly fee and there is no cost to activate the card. You don’t need any minimum credit score with this card.
Other prepaid debits cards you can also use include:

Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard

FamZoo Prepaid Card

Akimbo Prepaid Masstercard

24k Prepaid Visa RushCard

H&R Emerald Prepaid MasterCard

There are other low-fee alternatives to prepaid cards and they include:

GreenDot Card
Chase Liquid

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