I Am Ready To Sell My Kidney To Make You Become Somebody In Life – Actress Lizzy Anjorin Emotionally Tells Husband

Nollywood actress and newly wedded wife, Lizzy Anjorin, has reaffirmed her undying love for her husband as she recalls how supportive he has been to her since their relationship started 14 years ago.

In an emotional tribute to his husband as he showered encomium claimed she will sell her kidney for him if the need arises.

Describing him as a selfless man, Lizzy revealed that her husband once used okada after he gave her his personal car so as to prevent public embarrassment.

Read her tribute to her husband below:

A story of Loyalty and Love

……A tribute to my love in my lovely moment Even if I become richest lady in the world, I think I need to give glory back to a selfless man that stood with 100% loyalty or any element of betrayal.

The car you gave me money to buy was stolen by a man I chose over you, but you never bothered.

You gave me your own personal car just to cover my shame in public, you were taking bike around Lagos, you had accident on bike you refuse to tell me just for me to keep the car.

Just one day, you bought me a car and an apartment just for me to rise again when I thought it was over in Lagos.

I was about carrying my shame back to ijebu-ode where I schooled,

You said, Liz! Eko yi lo ti ma sorire.

I am ready to sell my kidney to make you become somebody in life.

I wasnt this brave then. You once told me that suicide was not an option. I should stand on my feet to make it in life, that is only return you need from me.May Allah give us long life and all beautiful things of life so that, I can come out and tell the whole world our story.

@seyekehinde of city people you can testify to this guy good deed 14yrs ago@Olamohamed of islander magazine, you are my witness @temidayobadmus of @dbxclusiv media, you were my Manager and the closest person to me then. You know very well this is the only man I am emotional about.

If I am not being truthful here, you guys can tell the world.

Kudos to most kind hearted man on earth..gbagbe story am here to pay part of my dept with IBEJI MEJI LEME 50 OLOWOORIMI I will pay my balance in my next life ..DADDYMI ADEGBOYEGA AKANBI EWOBI NA ? AJOMA LO 200YRS N

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