Global AI Software Market to Grow Five Times and Reach $126bn Value by 2025

One in five workers in a nonroutine job will rely on artificial intelligence (AI) for at least part of their role, according to forecasts. The growing volume and complexity of business data have forced many firms across a variety of industries to adopt AI to boost growth.

TFL Continues to Promote Junk Food, Despite a Ban on Advertising

Investigations by have revealed that the London Underground is carrying 1,000s of junk food adverts through delivery firms despite an existing ban. In February 2019, the TFL alongside the mayor’s office banned junk food adverts across the London transport network in a bid to fight child obesity.

Junk Food Ads From Delivery Firms

Global Crowdfunding Market to Hit $8.5bn Worth This Year

Recent years have witnessed the rising popularity of crowdfunding, with more and more startup companies and businesses utilizing this alternative method of raising money. According to data gathered by, the global crowdfunding market is set to maintain its rapid growth this year, increasing 23.3% year-on-year and reaching over $8.5 bn in transaction value.

Number of Crowdfunding Campaigns to Jump Over 12 Million by 2023

Crowdfunding represents a method of raising capital through the collective effort of a large pool of individual investors, mostly by using online platforms. It provides streamlined financial services and connects borrowers directly to lenders by offering various models of investing in business growth, from reward and donation-based models to profit sharing and equity crowdfunding.

Mobile Games to Hit $56.6bn in Revenue by 2024

The global mobile games industry maintains its remarkable growth with no signs of stopping in the future. According to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews, the entire mobile games market is expected to hit $52bn in revenue in 2020, increasing by 6.2% year on year. The rising trend is set to continue in the following years, with the overall market revenue reaching $56.6bn value by 2024.

Mobile Games Revenue Increased Nearly 20% in Three Years

In 2017 mobile games generated $44.2bn profit, revealed the Statista survey. Over the next two years, this figure jumped to $49bn globally. The statistics indicate that the entire mobile gaming market is forecast to show an annual growth rate of 2.1% in the next four years. The average revenue per user currently amounts to US$35.16, and this figure is expected to fall to $32.66 by 2024.

The Number of Identity Theft Reports in the US Jumped 45% and Hit Over 650,000

Millions of people in the United States fall victim to identity fraud, identity theft, and other types of deception each year, both knowingly and unknowingly. Although recent years have witnessed an increasing awareness about the protection of personal data, the statistics show identity theft crimes in the US are on the rise.

Almost 50% of Americans Have Less Than $100K in Retirement Savings

America’s yawning retirement savings gap is growing at a rate of $3trn per year. In 2015, the difference between what people have and should have saved was around $28trn, and by 2050, it is forecast to hit $137trn.

How to Prepare for an Unexpected, Unwanted and Unwelcome Business Setback”

Business setbacks are a part of entrepreneurship. But you can always deal with them. Click here to know how you can tackle those setbacks without losing your mind.

Setbacks in businesses are as common as dirt.  From employee shortages to financial problems, you may have to encounter setbacks for a variety of reasons. You can’t predict when something is going to occur in your business. But, you can always stay prepared for the potential business setbacks and focus on getting things back on track. From The Body Shop to Ford Motor Co, every business has gone through setbacks. If they can turn their setbacks into success, why can’t you?

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European Union startups lag UK new business starts

European Union startups lag UK new business starts ahead of Brexit trade talks

The number of new businesses created across the European Union (EU) remained static, significantly below UK new business starts, as both sides jockey for position ahead of post-Brexit trade talks.

Top 10 US Largest Companies Fail To Make Top 40 Sustainable Business

Data gathered by indicatesthat none of the top ten largest public US companies made it to the top 40 category of most sustainable companies. Largest public US companies are ranked based on a composite score of revenue, profits, assets, and market value.