See Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today (Black Market and CBN)

See the Naira to Dollar,Poundos and Euro exchange rates in the Nigerian black market and the official CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) rate. You can bookmark,share or always check on this page for future updates.

The United States Dollar (USD)


The United States Dollar (USD) is unarguably one of the strongest currency in the world today. It is accepted in almost parts of the world as a means of payment of services or transactions carried but online and offline. A hundred Cents makes up a Dollar, and the symbols of Cent and Dollar respectively are (¢) and $. The code for the United States Dollar is USD.

Some other countries also makes use of the Dollar as their official currency but their value and exchange rates are quite different from that of the United States Dollar. Example of such countries include; Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Canada, East Timor, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Panama, Turks and Caicos Island, Marshall Island, El Salvador, Caribbean Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, etc. One good fact about the United State Dollar is that it has an inflation rate of 0,10%.

The Nigeria Naira (NGN)

The Naira is the currency used by the biggest black nation in Africa, which is the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. The Nigeria Naira have maintained a stand of being one of the strongest currency in Africa as at the 20th century, but getting to the 21st century especially in recent times, things have really changed negatively. The foreign exchange rate of the Nigeria Naira have been on the decline in an alarming rate. A hundred Kobo makes up a Naira and the symbol for the Kobo and Naira respectively are; Kobo and ₦. The code for the Naira is simply written as NGN.

How Much Is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today?

The United States Dollar to Nigerian exchange rate today in the parallel market is quite different from the official CBN rate. We shall be giving you daily updates of both dollar rates on this page. Look at them below:

Exchange Rate Dollar To Naira Black Market Today

The Nigeria black market dollar exchange rate today to the Nigerian Naira are as follows:

This is the current price as updated today, you can always check this spot for daily updates (or periodic updates) because they are done in realtime.

CBN Exchange Rate Of Dollar To Naira Today

The current CBN exchange rate of the Dollar to Naira today is:

1 USD = NGN 305

To get the Official Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) daily exchange rate of the Dollar to Naira, always check on this spot for future updates as the figures are been updated in realtime.

If you will observe the present Dollar to Naira exchange rate and compare it to like few years back you will quite agree with me that the Nigerian Naira is currently losing its stand. Always check on for current information concerning the Nigerian Naira and its United States Dollar counterpart.

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