List of 30 Fast Selling Items You Can Export From Nigeria

After publishing the list of the Nigeria Customs approved and prohibited commodities export from Nigeria. I got several phone calls from my readers at asking for a list of Items they can Export from Nigeria to other countries and Make huge profits in Dollars, Euros and Pound Starling.

If you are searching for items to export from Nigeria and make profit, don’t look too far because I have compiled a list of most profitable commodities on can export from Nigeria to other countries.

List of 30 Fast Selling Items You Can Export From Nigeria

The List below contains 30 plus exportable items like Food stuffs, Solid Minerals, Arts and Craft work.
List of Food Stuff export from Nigeria:
1. Palm Oil
2. Vegetables (Fresh/Dry)
3. Melon (Egusi)
4. Ogbono Seeds
5. Cashew Nut
6. Ginger
7. Garlic
8. Zobo Leave
9. Yam
10. Plantain
11. Pepper
12. Cocoa
13. Bitter Kola
14. Kola Nut
15. Garri
16. Dried Fish
17. Yam Flour
18. Cassava Flour
19. Plantain Flour
20. Coco Yam
21. Walnut
22. Palm Fruit (Banga)
23. Bread Fruit ( Ukwa)
24. Aligator Pepper
25. Local Seasoning
26. Locust Beans
27. Beans
28. Local Rice
29. Crayfish
30. Ground Nut
31. Edible Local Chalks (Nzu)
32. Sesame Seeds
33. Millet
34. Soybeans
35. Locust Beans
36. Snails/Periwinkles
37. Crabs/Shrimps
List of Herbs export from Nigeria
1. Herbal Products (Medicine/Soap)
2. Tiger Nuts
3. Hibiscus Flower
4. Moringa Seed
5. Donkey Skin
6. Nigerian Made Shoes (Aba Made Shoes)
7. Nigerian Made Fabrics (Adire, Akwete, Aso Oke, etc.)
8. Shea Butter
List of Solid Minerals export from Nigeria
1. Bitumen
2. Charcoals
3. Lime Stone
4. Iron Ore
5. Lead Zinc
6. Kaolin
Arts and Craft
1. Locally Designed Beeds
2. Home Video/Audio Cds
3. Locally Published Books
4. Broom
5. Locally Made Weaves


This list of List of 30 Fast Selling Items You Can Export from Nigeria above will serve as a guide to help all new comers to know what to export from Nigeria and make profit in hard currencies.

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7 Responses to List of 30 Fast Selling Items You Can Export From Nigeria

  1. Oguntimehin Janet says:

    how much will I need to start exporting cassava powder and grounded pepper? And how do I start this?

  2. Emakpor kevwe says:

    Good afternoon, i just read through the list of commodities that can be exported from Nigeria. Thank you for the compilation. Please can i have your phone no. or email address?

    Emakpor kevwe.

  3. Margaret Amaefule says:

    Thanks so much for this info.
    Please how do I get started

  4. Adejumo Omowunmi says:

    This is quite insightful, please i will like to know how i can get started on this.

  5. Ochuko kemefa says:

    Thanks for the information, I need ur phone no pls,hw
    do I get started

  6. Olaniyi Yusuff Afolabi says:

    Thank you for the information. So how much am going to need for starting. Groundnut and cashew but.

  7. Abiodun Mustafa says:

    Thanks for the information like how much would i need to start bitter kola export.

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