How to Start Custard Powder Production in Nigeria

Food business is undoubtedly a huge industry in Nigeria and the world over.

custard production businessBig companies like Cadbury, Nestle, UAC, UTC and many others have being producing and selling package food products in Nigeria for more 50years and thus generating huge amount of cash annually as profit.

Custard Production (Market Potential)
With an estimated population of 140 million people, Nigeria is a potential market for investors who want to venture into small, medium and large scale food processing business like Custard powder production.

Custard is a treated form of Pap, a corn base food product consumed by many Nigerians living in the urban area.

Reason why the demand for Custard is high in the urban area is because of the ever busy life style of most Nigerian household.
Consider a situation where Fathers and Mothers are always rushing to get to the work place on time every morning and the children must not go late to school.
Therefore, most families and individuals would like to always have at home a food product that is less expensive, have good taste with easy and short preparation time.
In the feasibility studies I carried out, I discovered that many Nigerians take Custard with Akara, beans, moi-moi especially in the morning before rushing to work, after work, on weekends and during times like the Christian length and the Islamic fasting period.
Since we have established the fact that the demand for Custard is high in the Nigeria, so let now consider the requirement for setting up a small scale Custard production business in the country.
Custard Production (Startup Requirement)
Here is the requirement for setting up a small scale Custard production business.

You can setup a small scale home base Custard production business in any part of the country with less than N150, 000 and you are sure to make above N300, 000 monthly producing a 2g Custard in plastic bucket that sells for between N720 to N800 each in the market.
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT FOR CUSTARD PRODUCTION: NAFDAC registration is necessary but you can go ahead to setup and start producing your Custard while processing your NAFDAC number for N30, 000 only. But is something you must put in place to prevent NAFDAC from disturbing you while your production is on, this I will discuss in another article coming soon!
The following machines and equipment are needed for the Custard production: Electric Oven, milling machine, mixing machine, weighing instruments and drying machine, Sealing machine. All these machines and equipment can be procured locally from machine and equipment fabricators in Nigeria.
NOTE: To setup a very small Custard production business you can do without some of the machines list above but when it’s time to expand your production capacity you need them.
The raw materials needed for Custard production includes: Edible Corn Starch, flavor, concentrated Vitamins, plastic containers for packaging.
All the above materials are available in any major market here in Nigeria.
The production process involves measuring a certain proportion of the entire ingredient needed and then thoroughly mixes them a mixing machine before packaging it for sale in the market.
I believe you can now see why most of the big foreign food companies in Nigeria will never leave the country even a lot of people are complaining of economic hardship.
The land is green, but you need to make deliberate effort before you can eat from the freshness available in Nigeria!
Or don’t you want? So take advantage of this business opportunity that is capable of pumping regular cash into your bank account and also make you an employer of labor.
A well packaged feasibility report that contains information that will further assist you in starting Custard production business in Nigeria is available for just N5, 000 only, if interested please call me on 08081632025.
Remain Blessed,

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  1. lubi jigga says:

    Thanks for d info. It’s quite a good biz as it is easy and cheap to set up. Though d challenges will be on d sale market.

    • Ojo says:

      Sure marketing very new product or business will always have a challenge when it comes to marketing.
      But don’t let that discourage you.

  2. juliet says:

    Please as a beginer, I don’t have the machine. What’s the alternate way for me to star? Please list the contents of custard dribble corn starch,…….thank U.

  3. Emeka says:

    Tnx for this info. It sure will be helpful.

  4. Chaggalistic says:

    good business idea, please can you give me details cost of the machine: Electric oven, milling machine, mixing, weighing instrument, drying machine and sealing machine.

  5. Roseline Ede says:

    Thanks so much for your information. Am interested. How can I learn and buy the mschine

  6. odufuwa olatubosun.A says:

    Am odufuwa vry much intrested in starting up dis business. already i av ur no so i will cal u for more information as regard the 5000 worth of ur feasible guard.

  7. cheko enebi says:

    good,am intrested in custard making .what can i do?

  8. Nnadi Precious says:

    Can I get the feasibility study, equipment/design plant of custard production plant. Thank. God bless you.

  9. Tope says:

    Pls can u jst tell me d functn of oven and dryer and who it’s been use

  10. odafe paul says:

    Is it the grounded corn that is the corn flour asking because the one I saw in d market is not smooth

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