How To Obtain ISBN Number For Published and Unpublished Books in Nigeria

One of the safest methods of preserving ideas and information is through the use of books. Book publishing is a very lucrative business; just a single book well published and distributed across Nigeria or world wide can make you famous and rich. And even after many years you can still enjoy the fruits of your labor by collecting of royalties.
But this day’s piracy has dealt a big blow to book publishing business in Nigeria. 

Authors and book publishers have continued to lose millions of Naira annually to the activities of unscrupulous individuals who secretly print and distribute books of popular authors in the country.

They will take a popular book reproduce it with substandard materials and then sell very cheap to members of the public. One terrible thing about this book pirates is that they continue to feed very fat while the authors of the books they pirate goes hungry.

Therefore, to prevent the unlawfully publication and distribution of your intellectual property by pirates it is advisable you register and obtain an ISBN number from the National library of Nigeria to protect all the books you have written.
ISBN connotes the, International Standard Book. It is a special number assigned to identify books published by authors in different countries of the world.
For example the Oxford English dictionary has this ISBN number 0-19-860255-3. This is what the four parts 10 digits ISBN number simply stands for.

0 in the Oxford English dictionary ISBN number is used to identify the country where it was published.

19 this is used to identify the book title.
3 this is used to identify other book titles from the same publisher.
860255 is used to identify the publisher of the book.
Like I stated above you can register and obtain an ISBN number for published and unpublished books at the offices of the National library of Nigeria. The National  library has offices in Lagos and Abuja.
The cost of obtaining ISBN number in Nigeria is around N4,000 only. This charge includes cost of buying registration forms and processing fees.
The requirements and procedures for obtaining ISBN number are as follows.
1.Write application letter to the National literary of Nigeria requesting for an ISBN number for the book you want to publish.
2. Go to National Literary of Nigeria offices in Lagos or Abuja and obtain registration form at the cost of 4,000.
Abuja Office is located at plot 274 Central Business District Sanusi Dantata House, Garki Abuja-Nigeria
While the Lagos office is located at Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji, Yaba Lagos-Nigeria.
3. Also, go with photocopy of your certificate of company registration obtained from the National library of Nigeria.
4. Fill the completed form.
5.Attach copies of the book manuscript.
6.And then submit to the National  library not later than two weeks after collection of registration form.
7. After submitting registration form you sure to be given an ISBN number for the book you wish to publish.
By now the ISBN number must have been issued to you, you can go header and publish it on your book. Who so ever infringed on your property rights you can now sued since you now have a copy right to the particular book.

Checkout the official Website of The National library of Nigeria and get more information on How To Obtain ISBN Number For Published and Unpublished Books in Nigeria

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18 Responses to How To Obtain ISBN Number For Published and Unpublished Books in Nigeria

  1. Felix B. Dimkpa says:

    Keep it up; good one @ NaijaBizCom.Com

  2. faith says:

    what if you are an individual not a company? how do you go about the certificate part?

  3. If an individual wants to buy an ISBN, what are the requirements? And on the part of company certificate stuff, what will an individual do about it………..

    2… I have bought ISBN numbers two times, and in each of the times, it was like a contract to other persons so I don’t know the validity of those numbers. So how can I confirm my ISBN numbers to know if they are really registered with my name and book?

    3…. Is it possible to use one ISBN for more than one book? As in, maybe if I take that registered number to court to validate it for all of my books.

  4. Ayowole Kingsley ayodeji says:

    Can I use one ISBN number for 3 to 5 books?
    The certificate of company register with National library of Nigeria, will the fees be part of the processing of #4000 or that will be done separately in the National library of Nigeria?

  5. david francis akhimieho says:

    its easily said hop its aplicable when i com to the office .more so pls i want to know what an individual who wants to ISBN no without a company certificate what happens to such. hope for your reply. thanks

  6. Edegbe Osazee says:

    Can I resgister my book without personal CAC certificate?

  7. Edegbe Osazee says:

    Can I publish 2 different titled books with one ISBN registration number? And I can author check their ISBN or ISSB codes online?

  8. Kenechukwu says:

    please how can i contact the office. a phone number

  9. quadri says:

    i greatly appreciate your explanations on obtaining the ISBN number,but do you give any recommendation on credible distributors or marketers for published books in order to support young pubishers in Nigeria ?


    I have almost the same set of questions to ask…NO BODY IS PROVIDING ANSWERS TO THEM EXCEPT 1 ANSWER SO FAR). PLS how does an individual get his book published without the company certificate?

  11. kingsmega says:

    please am also interested in knowing If an individual can obtain an ISBN without a company certificate?

  12. Jessica says:

    What if I am an individual publisher and not a company? can I still be given ISBN to start publishing? and what does it take to start self publishing? thank you

    • 244OgeKweFoli153 says:

      Both Individuals or cooperate publishers need to obtain an ISBN number on their published works and please visit the relevant government agency responsible for issuing ISBN number in your country. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. ademola says:

    As a self publisher, you either register a business name for your publishing or approach someone/company to get the number. A certificate must be presented before you can get the number.

  14. Wolf says:

    Does it have to be the Edited Manuscript ???


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