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List of 30 Fast Selling Items You Can Export From Nigeria

After publishing the list of the Nigeria Customs approved and prohibited commodities export from Nigeria. I got several phone calls from my readers at asking for a list of Items they can Export from Nigeria to other countries and Make huge profits in Dollars, Euros and Pound Starling.

If you are searching for items to export from Nigeria and make profit, don’t look too far because I have compiled a list of most profitable commodities on can export from Nigeria to other countries.

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How to Boost Cashew Exports In Nigeria – Experts

Can Nigeria grow its cashew export market?

Yes, says the National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) National Publicity Secretary, Sotonye Anga.

He expects a major jump from last year’s 160,000 metric tonnes of raw cashew export worth $300 million.

He however noted that the deficit in transport infrastrcuture may be a problem.

Noting that shipping lines handle fewer agro exports, Anga observed that on-shore container- processing time was low.

Waiting time for cashew exports at the ports, he said, was not improving as commodities stay too long before they are ferried out.

For Nigeria to realise its full export potential, he canvassed more investment in transport infrastructure

Many Nigerians Don’t Know Honey Exportation Is a Goldmine —NAQS boss

COLLINS NNABUIFE in this interview spoke with the Coordinating Director of Nigerian Quarantine Service (NAQS), Dr Vincent Isegbe, who explained, among other issues, reasons many potential exporters fail to realise the economic fortunes hidden in the exportation of honey.

Why were those containers carrying snakes and other animals intercepted?
Snakes are wild animals and it is proper that we preserve them, because in the wild their survival rates are very low; as they are being given birth to, some animals become predators to them just as they are predators to other animals. So there is something called internationally, Sites.

Yam Farmers Want Government to Establish Conditioning Centres To boost Nigeria Yam Exports

Abuja – Yam Farmers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria has appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish modern yam conditioning centres for yam export.

Prof. Simon Irtwange, the Acting President of the association, made the appeal in an interview with our reporter in Abuja on Thursday.

Irtwange, who is also the Chairman of Technical Committee on Nigeria Yam Export Programme, said that the proposed centres would enable farmers to store the yams at appropriate temperatures to prevent decay.

He said that the centres were also considered necessary as part of efforts to prevent “our yams from being rejected in the international market”.

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