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5 helpful business tricks for small businesses

5 Helpful Business Tricks For Small Businesses

It’s unfortunate that a lot of small businesses don’t survive beyond the first few years of their

existence, but this mainly happens due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done to help sustain a small business. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 helpful business tricks that small businesses can profit from.

Remain Abreast of Your Cash Flow

This is very important, especially for small businesses. It is important to have a good and accurate idea of the daily, weekly and monthly financial needs and trends of your organization, and to also keep informed of your current cash flow. When you have a good idea of your financial situation at every point, it makes you financially prudent in your business decisions, which help to improve your sustainability as a business.

Set Business Goals

This can come in form of targets which ultimately help achieve business goals. The fact is, small businesses need to work with targets if they intend to remain in business in the long run. Setting goals and objectives and developing targets to help meet goals and objectives is essential for business success, because it serve as a ‘planning tool’ that help keep your business focused, and ultimately helps to move your business forward.

Learn How to Use Low Budget High Impact Marketing

Small businesses cannot afford to waste money on ineffective marketing, so as a small business, if you must spend on marketing, you need to ensure that what you are spending on will have the needed impact. One way to do this is by testing marketing tactics for effectiveness before adding them to your campaign or marketing mix. Also, be sure to invest in low budget marketing options like social media and content marketing.

Monitor Business Trends

For some reason a good number of small businesses fail to do this. No business operates in a vacuum, and small businesses need to be particularly sensitive to business or industry trends because they bear the brunt of even the slightest change in these trends. It is important for small businesses to remain current on trends and issues happening in their industry and local community, and if possible, go a step further to predict possible future trends likely to occur. This way, it is easier to develop a response or reaction plan to quickly adjust to the changes before they negatively affect the business (if large corporations are doing this, it only means small businesses need to do this even more if they want to survive).

Motivate Your Staff

As a growing small business, you need your staff to remain motivated and ready to give their best to the growth of your firm. You might not have the resources to keep your staff happy in monetary terms, but you can figure out other incentives to help keep them motivated and encourage higher levels of performance.

London Set To Recycles ‘fatberg’ into Biofuel

A giant, 250-metre “fatberg” of oil, fat and other solid waste blocking a main sewer under London is to be recycled into biofuel, Thames Water, the company working to remove it, said on Tuesday.
“The congealed mass under a street in east London’s White-chapel district will produce some 10,000 litres of biodiesel, enough to power 350 double-decker buses for one day.
Engineers have removed about one-third of the 130-tonne blob and expect to complete their “sewer war” against it early next month, the company said.
It said tankers full of oil and fat, recovered from the mass with high-powered jets, will be sent to a biofuel processing plant.“Other unflushable items such as baby wipe, nappies, cotton buds and sanitary products – which should never be flushed, will be disposed of,” it said.
“It may be a monster, but the White-chapel fatberg deserves a second chance,” Alex Saunders, Thames Water’s waste network manager said.
He said that it was the first time the company had tried recycling material from a hunk a sewer waste.
“We’ve therefore teamed up with leading waste to power firm Argent Energy to transform what was once an evil, gut-wrenching, rancid blob into pure green fuel,” Saunders said.
Thames Water agreed last week to send a cross-section of the record-breaking “fatberg” to the Museum of London, which said its exhibition would raise questions about contemporary urban life.
Several Twitter users proposed the names Donald or Trump after Thames Water appealed for suggestions.

How Jewellery Business Can Boost Nigeria’s Economy

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For the CEO of Rare Gems Limited, Mrs. Talatu Olulana, providing quality and affordable jewelleries to Nigerians is of utmost importance. Having started with a capital of N5, 000 lent to her by her mother in 2000, she hopes to give jewellery a face in Africa and compete with well-known international brands. In this chat with MARGARET MWANTOK, she spoke on the launch of her new brand of wristwatches, urging CBN to create a separate currency distribution chain for SMEs to further boost the country’s GDP

Tell us about your business
We started 17 years ago. Today, we are launching our own brand of wristwatches into the market. Jewellery line has been in the market over the years and we have 200 distributors across Africa.

GTBank Nigeria Fashion Weekend to Showcase Africa’s finest

Fashion lovers all over the world can once again look forward to the 2nd edition of the GTBank Nigeria Fashion weekend set to hold on the 11th and 12th of November, 2017. According to organisers, the event will treat attendees to an enthralling journey across a wide variety of Africa’s finest styles and trends whilst offering small businesses in the Nigerian Fashion Industry a free and vibrant platform to connect with a wider segment of their consumers, as well as experts in their industry.

Commenting on the 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend, Mr Segun Agbaje, the Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank explained the vision behind the event as an “initiative that is unlocking growth opportunities for small businesses and putting African fashion on a global pedestal. The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend will not only give visibility to the amazing talents and entrepreneurial drive of our people at home, it will also connect them with fashion leaders abroad, in order to build local capacity and expertise across the entire Fashion Value Chain.”

Dangote Cement Confirms Plans to Acquire South Africa’s PPC

The management of Dangote Cement has confirmed bidding to acquire the entire share capital of South African company, PPC Limited.

In a statement issued yesterday, the leading cement firm in Nigeria however said contrary to reports that the process was ongoing, it was only still “at the preliminary stage.”

Dangote Cement noted that at the moment, its board has “merely communicated its interest to the Board of Directors of PPC with respect to the acquisition of the entire share capital of PPC.”

However, it promised that, “Further details will be published subsequently, as appropriate.”

4 Ways To Start a Business without Money – MUST READ

Friend, It might surprise you to to know that there are actually ways to start a business with little or no money. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 ways to start a business without money.

Adjust Your Business Model to Demand Fewer Needs

If you can start your business as a sole employee please do so, pending when you are able to raise enough money to employ other professionals. Also, save the cost of getting and maintaining an office space by working from home, if having an office space is not vital to getting your business up and running. In addition, try to make your company more service-oriented because this kind of business requires little or no financial investment; all you really need are your skills and you can immediately get started providing these services. When you start getting some money, you can use the extra revenue to then grow and establish your business.

Get Friends and Family to Help

Tell your friends, family and even past colleagues about your business and get them to help spread word about your business; this can serve as free marketing and publicity for your business. Encourage as many of them as possible to share your posts about your business on their social media profiles, and to also introduce your brand to their professional contacts. This will help serve as a kind of grassroot marketing that will spread word about your company and introduce it to a larger audience.

Shell, Shoreline Energy Seal $300m Gas Deal

A gas deal worth $300 million has been signed between Royal Dutch Shell and Shoreline Energy International, an indigenous firm with interests in power & energy, infrastructure & engineering, investments & trading, as well as telecommunications.

According to Shoreline, the deal is to develop, buy, market, distribute and sell natural gas in the Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki and Epe districts of Lagos State.

On the part of Shell, it would finance and develop a transmission and distribution pipeline network to generate revenues from a 20-year gas concession, originally owned by Gasland Company, in which Shoreline took a 75 percent stake in 2015.

Nigeria Partners Israel on Waste Water Management

The Federal Government of Nigeria has expressed its intention to partner with Israel to learn new water technology. This, it said, was part of efforts to improve water resources management in Nigeria,

Minister of Water Resources, Mr Suleiman Adamu, made this known during a meeting with the Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria and the Permanent Representative to ECOWAS, Mr Guy Feldman, on Thursday, September 7, 2017, in Abuja.

The Minister said Federal Government was interested in learning the new technology of water management from the Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference (WATEC) scheduled to hold in Israel in September.

The Minister said, “We are economically water scarce country, that is to say, we have the water but we have problem managing water.”

How To Make Cool Cash Roasting and Packaging Groundnut For Sale with Little Capital

Looking for a business to start with little capital? ……. Discover How To Make Cool Cash Roasting and Packaging Groundnut For Sale with Little Capital. See article below

Roasted groundnut, otherwise known as peanut, is fast becoming a staple snack, enjoyed by many people. Whether at home, office or anywhere for that matter, this tasty snack is the favourite of those, who prefer it to processed snacks, on account of its nutritional values. Little wonder some traders have gone into packaging it in different handy sizes and at pocket friendly prices. While some eat it with roasted plantain (boli), banana and even bread, others prefer to take it with garri.

Nene Kalu, who has been selling roasted groundnut for 10 years, said people eat it in between meals or to entertain guests. Still, some people see it as filler, pending when they will eat the day’s meal.

How To Check Online if a Company Is Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria (CAC)

Doing due diligence is very before carrying out any business transaction with an individual or company in Nigeria, is very important. 

How To Check Online if a Company Is Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria (CAC)

Therefore before you sign away your life or that huge sum of money in business deal, it is advisable you find out if the company registered in Nigeria or not.

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