How To Start Pure water business In Nigeria

Sachet and bottled water production is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that has high return on investment if well managed. More »

How to export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit

The demand for Ginger in the international market has gone up significantly because the root is now being used as raw material in manufacturing process. More »

Generate Income producing Garri for export in Nigeria

To make extra income from Garri production business, you need to export your Garri to other countries in West Africa, Europe and America More »

Dried Crayfish Export from Nigeria:Made Easy

Dried Crayfish is one of the foodstuffs currently being exported from Nigeria to countries in Europe, America and Asian More »

How To Start Small Scale Poultry Farm in Nigeria (Feasibility studies)

The high demand for chicken meat and eggs has really proven that Poultry farming in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business More »

Instant Pounded Yam Production Business: Startup Requirement

Indeed you can become a millionaire through Poundo Yam production business in Nigeria. You can make up to N500, 000/month producing and selling Instant pounded Yam powder More »

How to Start a Profitable Cement Block Molding Industry in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of starting a profitable business of your own in Nigeria? If yes then I will want you to consider setting up a cement block molding industry in the country More »

Make millions of Naira through cashew export from Nigeria.

The export of cashew nuts and other agricultural commodities from Nigeria is fast becoming very lucrative these days; More »

Bitter kola export business in Nigeria, Invest N80, 000 & make100percent profits

Discover how to make 100percent profits when you invest just N80, 000 in exporting Bitter kola from Nigeria to Europe, America and Asia countries More »

How To Start Small Scale Livestock Feeds Production Business in Nigeria

Livestock feeds production is a very profitable business, the demand for animal feeds in Nigeria is high More »

Start A Profitable Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Laundry and Dry Cleaning is indeed a good business opportunity in Nigeria because it has a high return on investment. More »

Make Money From Collection and Supply of Scrap PET Plastic Bottles in Nigeria

Make money from Supply of Scrap PET Plastic Bottles In Nigeria More »

How To Start Oil and Gas Business In Nigeria

Discover How Oil and Gas moguls like Chief Mike Adenuga,Mrs.Folorunsho Alakija,Chief Femi Otedola made their endless wealth. More »


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Pregnant At 18, Best Graduating Student At 25

When Aishat Farooq gained admission into the University of Ilorin at 15, to study Zoology, little did she know that she was not going to be an alumnus of the institution. That was in 2003.
Despite the fact that she was a high flyer in her first two years in UNILORIN, the now 25-year-old indigene of Ilorin West-Local Government Area of Kwara State got distracted along the line. She played the campus love game and got a shocking result: she got pregnant.

Photo:‘Jesus And Mary’ Appear on Google Earth’

Jesus and Mary have been spotted on Google Earth.
The extraordinary image, which can be seen on the satellite imaging site, appears to show a shrouded Messiah accompanied by Mother Mary.
The dark image of the son of God can be seen on the left, while his mother’s outline, coloured white and pink, is on the right.
Mary even appears to be cloaked in a flowing gown, head bowed and hands held in prayer.

First Bank Denies Acquiring Ghanaian Bank

First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) said it is not true that it has acquired the International Commercial Bank (ICB) of Ghana from the bank’s financial holdings as reported recently in the media.

In a statement made available to LEADERSHIP Weekend, the bank explained that acquisition talks with  ICB financial holdings is still on-going, adding that the outcome of these discussions would be communicated in due course.

Nigeria Needs $450m From Islamic Bank To Generate 20,000mw Of Electricity – Sambo

Abuja – Nigeria’s Vice-President Namadi Sambo says that Nigeria needs about 450 million dollars from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to expand its electricity generation capacity to reach 20,000 megawatts.

A statement issued in Abuja by Malam Umar Sani, the Senior Special Assistant to the Vice-President on Media, said that Sambo said this on Sunday when he received the President of the IDB, Dr Ahmed Mohammed Ali, in Makkah.

Sambo, who is in Saudia Arabia to perform this year’s lesser Hajj, expressed appreciation for the continued support of the IDB to Nigeria.

He stated that all the approvals granted by the bank over the years had been ratified by the National Assembly and the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

The vice-president urged the bank to consider the construction of a road linking Lagos to Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire.

Evans Medical Nigeria Plc Targets N3.5b Under Recapitalisation Scheme

Lagos – AS part of its five-year development strategy, Evans Medical Plc is targeting a recapitalisation bid of N3.5 billion from rights issue and core investor’s capital.

And barring any change in plan, the reinvestment bill will be ratified at the company’s general meeting in Lagos Thursday, paving the way for existing shareholders to increase their investment in the company.

How to Start A Jewellery Business

If you are someone who loves jewellery and enjoys crafting you have probably already made yourself a few sets of jewellery.

The chances are that you have probably made more than you can ever wear and have already given handmade jewellery gifts to your friends. So what is stopping you turning your passion into a business? There is a good market for geed handmade jewellery items and all you have to do is to tap into it. There is something about the word ‘business’ that puts a lot of people off taking the steps they need to start making real money. But with a bit of research you will discover that it’s really not that hard to and can be very rewarding.

Getting Started

Things to Bear in Mind

What you Need to Consider When Thinking of a New Business Idea

Most of us dream of working for ourselves, or coming up with fantastic business ideas that will make us millionaires, so we can spend our lives holidaying on tropical islands, spending more time with our families, and shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Barbara Corcoran is a savvy business woman and investor who has funded many new business ideas and watched them turn into successful ventures. Barbara looks for common characteristics when taking an interest in a new business venture, and she offered several insights for presenting, and those looking for, ideas to start a business.

Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Business Meeting

Not so long ago choosing the ‘location’ for your meeting wouldn’t have really been an issue. Most of us would have just held it in the office- nice and simple. But with technology growing we are now faced with various different options when it comes to holding a meeting. But how do you go about choosing the right option for you?

In The Office

This probably seems like the easiest option. You don’t have to go anywhere, all your staff know where they are going and there is probably little to organize.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you decide if this is an appropriate place to hold a meeting though. Do you have a private room in which to hold the meeting? Privacy is vital when it comes to holding a successful meeting. Other colleagues coming in and out of the room, or even working in the room can be very distracting. Do you have the right resources? And are you going to provide refreshments? These are all things you will need to organize yourself.

How to Sell your Products on Amazon MarketPlace with Ease

Are you looking for a fast and stress-free way to sell your product online to millions of people worldwide but don’t know where to go to get it done?
If yes is your answer then, I will be very glad to recommend you visit Amazon Marketplace— A place where internet and information marketers go to rake in case with ease. Below is the step by step procedure on how to sell your Products with Ease on Amazon MarketPlace and make money.
This is great news for the merchants. has a very hot marketplace with millions of customer across the globe; where you can sell whatever stuff ranging from books, electronics, software, furniture, and so on, whether new or used stuffs. First step is to go to and on their website look to the bottom left side where you’ll find “Selling on Amazon”. Click on the link “Sell Your product”

How To Start Air Condition & Refrigerator Repair Business in Nigeria.

How to start a profitable Air Condition & Refrigerator Repair Business in Nigeria…..
The need to preserve perishable items like Food stuffs, medical products and make our homes/offices a more comfortable place to live in during high hot weather has made the repair of Air Conditioners and Refrigerators a very lucrative business in Nigeria.
In my interaction with Mr. Festus Ayodele, a specialist in the repair/installation of all types of Refrigerators and Air Conditioners (Car A/c, window units and water chillers e.t.c), he said the business is very profitable and will continue to be because of our tropical climate.
Mr. Ayodele further said there is room for more people who interested starting the business to come in but, they should endeavor to get basic practical training from a recognized A/C and Refrigerator repair workshop.