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Crushed Lime stone, Feldspar and Dolomite for Sale

Available for sale in large quality is the following solid minerals in Nigeria.

Feldspar= N8000/ton

Crushed Lime stone (white) = N 9000/ton

Crushed Lime stone (mixed) = N 7500

Dolomite = N10,000/ton

Our price per ton is considerate and interested buyer’s can call me on



Nigeria is endowed with large deposits of about 44 Solid minerals located in different parts of the country.
A Nigeria solid mineral deposit are estimated to be in billions of metric tons and is capable of creating millions of jobs and also generates more revenue than crude oil.

Below is a list containing names of different solid minerals and states where there are located.


Glass sand, limestone, salt, shale, ball clay, galena, granite, marble, laterite, bentonite, phosphate, kaolin, pyrite, feldspar, petroleum, lignite, gypsum, sphalerite, clay.

Make Millions From Paint Production In Nigeria

Dear friend,
Do you know that you can make continues income in millions of Naira producing and selling quality decorative building paints anywhere in Nigeria?

The high demand for building paints in Nigeria has made the business of paint production very lucrative.
Remember that beauty of a house lies in the quality of paint used for its finishing.

How To Start Pig Farming Business and Make Millions

How To Start Pig Farming Business and Make Millions
Friend, are you looking a profitable business with a high return on investment to do in Nigeria?

If YES is your ANSWER!!!
Then don’t look too far, because through you will discover how to start a profitable Pig Farming business that will make money flow continuously into your bank account.

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