List of Top Scholarships in UK 2021

Do you Want to study in UK in the legendary Universities like Oxford or Cambridge Universities? IF yes then below is the list of Top scholarships in the UK opportunities to consider.

This top scholarships in the UK opportunities is opened to  International Students from all parts of the world no matter their gender or Nationality.

Here are the Fully Funded scholarships In the UK

Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD

1. University of Birmingham Scholarship 2021

Approximately 30 scholarships will be awarded with a value of up to £10,000 GBP. This award will be deducted from the total tuition fees owed by each successful scholar.

Applications are open now for the University of Birmingham Scholarship 2021. Global Masters Scholarship 2021 is open for International students. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 30 June 2021 at 23:59 (UK time / GMT+1).

2. Welcome (UK Government) Scholarship

Wellcome UK Government Scholarships 2021. The Scholarship is Funded by the Trust of the UK Government. This Scholarship is available to Study a Master Degree Program.

Level of funding: £120,000 including salary, studentship stipend, fees and research expenses

3. UK Bristol University Scholarships 2021

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships 2021 is for Bachelors Degree and Master Degree Programs. The Scholarship will also cover your Expenses.

Awards valued at £5,000, £10,000 and £20,000 are available. Awards must be used towards the cost of tuition fees.


4. University of Plymouth UK Scholarship 2021-2022

The University of Plymouth Scholarship will be offered Automatically. This Scholarship is available to the Study Master Degree Program.

Automatically awarded – no need to apply

Scholarship value: £4000 off your tuition fees in year one.

This scholarship is available to international students who have met the conditions of their University of Plymouth offer of study for the following programmes:

  • MSc Advanced Psychology
  • MSc/PgDip Psychology
  • MSc Clinical Psychology

5. UK University of Westminster Scholarships 2021

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

Amount: £5,000 Deadline: 16 July 2021

Westminster Bursary

Amount: £500 Deadline: 31 August 2021

The Westminster Scholarships are available to a new home and international students for the 2021-22 academic year to enrol as full-time students in Master’s programs in any academic field.


6. University of Sussex International Scholarships

Up to 60 Scholarships are available at the University of Sussex For International Students to Study Full-time Masters Programmes.

If you have excellent grades to date, you can apply for a scholarship after you have received an offer to study at the University of Sussex in 2021. For applicants to the University of Sussex Business School or School of Engineering & Informatics, there are School-specific Chancellors Scholarships available.

7. University of West England Chancellor Scholarship

Several Such scholarships are Provided to international students. In some cases, the students might be required to also take up an internship in addition to their academic workload.

Funding and scholarships information for prospective students, including advice on undergraduate and postgraduate funding and financial support from UWE Bristol. Click on the Scholarship Name to read more info.


8. Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

The Nottingham University Scholarships are available for Master Degree Programs for International Students.

We offer more than one deadline to help with your application planning for studying here.

Courses starting September 2021:

  • Wednesday 12 May 2021 (16:00 GMT)
  • Final deadline: Wednesday 30 June 2021 (16:00 GMT)

Courses starting January 2022:

  • Wednesday 13 October 2021 (16:00 GMT)
  • Final deadline: Wednesday 10 November 2021 (16:00 GMT)

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