Top Free Psychology Courses In 2020

The human mind has always fascinated the human race. Each day more people seek to change this. The drive to understand the human mind is born out of the knowledge that we cannot fully understand anything else if we don’t fully understand ourselves and that the most important thing we can ever study is ourselves through whom everything else falls into place. Many people are not aware that they can take free psychology courses.

Psychology Courses
Psychology is one of the most popular majors in the United States and interest in the course has only increased. And through the democratisation of education, many people can now learn psychology without paying a dime. This is made possible because of the new thinking that encourages organisations, educational institutions inclusive, to think about how to make social contributions to the world.

Free Psychology Courses Online.
There is no better way to consume or share knowledge than through the internet. Because of the limitation of space and time and cost, it is always easier to leverage on technology to reach a wider audience at a lower cost. Free psychology courses online are offered by many organisations through which universities use to give free content . One area that is expected to expand significantly in the coming decades is healthcare and applied psychology will play a very important role. Many people are already preparing for that time by taking free online psychology courses.

Why Psychology Is A Hot Area
For those who have not yet understood why psychology is growing in importance, I will like to go through some of the reason so you can join now.

The world is opening up about mental health. As the silence breaks more people are seeking help and we are having a wider window into the mind. This calls for more professionals who are skilled in this area to counsel and help in work places and at home.
There are more aberrant behaviour that is now being attributed to abnormal mental processes as our understanding of the mind increases. This means most issues like addictions, criminal behaviour and others may in the future attract a visit to the psychologists instead of a Jail term. This require a growing number of specialists in the field.
With an ageing population there is a greater demand on our mental health facilities and expertise.
Free Psychology Courses For Credit
With the ever increasing interest in psychological courses , there are now many free online psychology courses now on offer. Some are just introductory lectures to stimulate interest which may be preparing future students for what lay ahead. There are now many courses that are being offered for credit

Free Psychology Courses With Certificate
To meet the demand for knowledge in the area of psychology, some schools are taking it a notch higher by offering free psychology courses with certificates. This is very useful for many students who don’t have the resources to pay for a course but need it to expand their opportunities . Below is a list of schools that offer free psychology courses with certification.

London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine .
The University of Edinburgh .
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Monash University
John Hopkins University
Harvard University.
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
This is one of the world’s leading schools in public health. They work to improve health for everyone.

The University of Edinburgh .
This is among the oldest universities in the world. The University offers all participants of it psychology course a free pdf certificate and full course materials .

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
This is a leading public research hospital in Hong Kong that is in the fore from of research and innovation.

Monash University
This is a University in Australia which has a reputation for high quality education . A psychology degree from Monash is highly valuable .

John Hopkins University
This is one of the best universities that has made significant contributions to the world . John Hopkins offer a free online course in psychology.

Harvard University.
Harvard has the highest endowment among all academic institutions in the world , it is estimated at $30 billion . It influence, wealth and power makes it a great place to study.


Free psychology courses are now being offered by mainstream universities which is helping to increase the knowledge of psychology.

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