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The International Entrance Scholarships of Humber College Canada

Humber colleges and university is a publicly funded in Canada. Many people are interested in being able to study there because it’s quite prestigious; has many study programs, a qualified curriculum and many other advantages. For those of you who are really interested in studying there, you can take advantage of a scholarship opportunity named International Entrance Scholarship. This scholarship can be very helpful for you or anyone who just wants an entrance on this campus.

The Humber University is one of the best campus choices that offer scholarships for international students. Anyone can apply for the scholarship as long as they can meet the terms and conditions. There are several types of scholarships offered actually, some of which are as follows:

  • International entrance scholarships
  • Bachelor degree scholarships
  • Awards for EAP graduates
  • Additional awards, bursaries & scholarships

On the occasion below, one type of scholarship will be explained, namely the international entrance scholarship. This scholarship is divided into three sessions according to the lecture schedule of winter, summer and fall. You can apply for each period of the lecture actually.

The Eligibility Criteria of the Scholarship                                 

Canada gives big chance for you to get the entrance scholarship of Humber International; if you are appropriate to obtain it. The scholarship is special for you who have the best in academics, the involvement of social, and interest statement. Do you include the criteria? Make the application as soon as possible in order to continue your study in Canada.

  • Academics outstanding proof
  • Community involvement
  • Referee/reference letters
  • Statement of interest

The Duration and Value of Scholarship

The scholarship offers cost from $3,000 until $5,000. It will be available September 2019 and January 2020. The scholarship will help you to pay the tuition fees so that your study will plan successfully. If you are success in the study; you will be easy to get the scholarship until you finish the study there.

Level and Subject of Study

The scholarship is suitable for you who take undergraduate program. There are a lot of programs offered by this university, there are those that are based on full time and there is also a continuing education. Therefore, if you are international undergraduate students and fulfill the criteria; take the scholarship quickly. For knowing more about subjects of study; you can find on website. Bookmark the site in your gadget and find the subject of study that suitable with the program.

How To Apply The Scholarship

Make the registration before you apply the scholarship. The application form of the scholarship will be received after you are selected to apply. Therefore, it is important for you to check the official website of the scholarship at By clicking the website, you will obtain more details information about your scholarship.

The Deadline of Scholarship

Make sure to notice the deadline of scholarship. The injury time of scholarship is 17th May 2019 until September 2019. Moreover, if you take the second period, you will be offered the duration time from 27thSeptember 2019 until January 2020. Prepare yourself to obtain the scholarship!

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