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How to Uninstall WordPress On a Host Cpanel Manually With Ease

Moving my blog from BlogSpot to a self hosted WordPress has being a rewarding experience for me. With the experience gained in working online with WordPress, I will like to let you know that I now make lots of money building self hosted WordPress blogs for others in addition to the income I generate through my own blog Naijabizcom. If you need someone to build a self hosted WordPress blog like mine call me Tel: +23418081632025 or email: cashkom@gmail.com.

Ok now let me get back to the main topic. How to Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress On a Host Cpanel With Ease

WordPressBlog setup is very ease but some times one may come across certain difficulties during the process of setting up that will want to make you run mad if the solution does come easy as expected.

Recently, while building a WordPressblog for a client I encountered a problem that made me decided to Uninstall and reinstall the WordPressblog using Fatastico deluxe software located in the host Cpanel.

I log in to the host Cpanel, clicked on Fatastico Deluxe software and the on WordPress installation button.

After inserting all necessary information for WordPress installation and clicked submit I got this message as stated below.

Sorry we are unable to complete WordPress Installation please delete files Wp-admin,Wp-content and Wp-includes from the root directory of www.myblog.com/……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I got confused not knowing what to do, and then I tried searching online for information and got much information but could not solve the problem. But kept on trying until I was able to resolve the problem and then successfully uninstalled and reinstalled the WordPress back.

I will now like to share with the easy way which I was able to uninstall and reinstall WordPress on the host Cpanel.

To uninstall and reinstall WordPressblog on your host Cpanel please follow the steps below.


Log in to your host Cpanel


Click on File Manager and check the Home Directory box and hide files.

Click on fantasticodata and click on installed__root.php and then look the dashboard and click on Code editor> and remove this piece of code below





$installed_in_root[“eventandstyles.com”] = 1;


and press Save changes.


Go back to you host Cpanel and click on Legacy File manager. Click on Web Root (public_html/www) and rename the 3files listed below




You can add any letter to the files name to change them e.g




And with these done you can now reinstall WordPress on host Cpanel with Fatastico deluxe software.

Go to Fatastico deluxe now and start the reinstallation of WordPressblog and after which you choose a nice WordPresstheme for your blog.


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How To Add Google Customs Search Box To Your WordPress Blog In Few Seconds

There are many ways to add Google customs search box to WordPress blog.
I tried many times to add Google customs box to my WordPress to increase my adsense revenue but most of the many methods I found online didn’t work out. But with search I discovered an easy method through which I was able to insert Google adsense search box to my WordPress blog in few seconds without stress.
This easy and quick method is what I want to share with you in this article to enable you add Google adsense customs search to you WordPress to make more money from Google adsense.
Below is how to go about adding Google adsense customs search to WordPress blog.
Log in to Google Customs Search Element
Configure, Generate code and insert code to your WordPress theme.
Log in to your WordPress dashboard and insert the Google adsense customs search html code generated to your WordPress blog side bar widget.
To locate side bar widget on your WordPress, click Appearance>widget>text/html and then insert the html code. See picture below.








Please don’t forget to press save button.
Now view your WordPress blog side bar and see how quick and easy it is to add Google adsense customs search box to your WordPress blog. I wish you more money through your customs adsense search box.

How To Add Facebook Comment To WordPress manually

Having Facebook comment gadget on your blog is one quick way of getting free traffic to promote your business online. Facebook comment gadget allows your blog visitors to make comment and at the same time share it with friends on facebook.

If the person commenting has large followership on facebook just be rest assured to have tons of free traffic coming to your blog.

To add facebook comment to WordPress blog, can sometimes be problematic especially if you don’t know how to go about it. The reason I say this is because of the initial challenges I faced when trying to add to facebook comment gadget to my WordPress blog.

I tried almost all the facebook plugin installed on my WordPress plugin but it didn’t work.

So what did was to find out how I can add the facebook comment codes manually on my WordPress blog theme. But after much effort I was able to manually add facebook comment to my WordPress blog.

Therefore, to enable you add facebook comment to your own WordPress blog without stress here are the steps to follow.

Log in to FACEBOOK DEVELOPER here and get a facebook Application ID.

Click on FACEBOOK SOCIAL PLUGIN here and to access facebook comment gadget.

Add your WordPress blog URL e.g www.Naijabizcom.com







The next thing is to configure it to fit your site (width, number of post).

Then get the html codes. (There are two sets of codes)



Log in to your WordPress dashboard and then go Appearance>Editor>Header. php.  Copy this code

<meta property=”fb:app_id” content=”Ap ID here”/>

and place this code in between the code below all in the Header php of your theme and remember to include your AP ID number.

<?php wp_head(); ?>

place it HERE


NEXT is place CODE -A below the




Thirdly, look for  Comment. php

and add CODE- B to complete the process.

To do that, please look for the set of html code below and place  CODE- B as shown below and then save.

<!– You can start editing here. –>

<?php endif; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

Place CODE-B here

<?php if (‘open’ == $post->comment_status) : ?>

Now that you have added facebook comment to your WordPress, I say congratulation because soon you will start getting tons of free traffic from facebook as comment are made on your site