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How to get approval for Trademarks Registration in Nigeria.

Dear friend,Do you know that your company’s Logo and product name are valuable industrial property (TRADEMARKS) you must guard jealously if you want to remain in business?
In case you don’t know your company’s  trademarks are your identity in the market place, it is your trademarks that customers and others will use to identify or distinguish your products in the market when they make purchases. And if you have a particular product that is well promoted, well-known and record high volume of sales in the market then the product logo and name becomes a hot cake that others will want to fake by all means to generate quick cash.

How to Register and obtain NAFDAC Approval for packaged Consumable products In Nigeria.


Fake drugs and substandard packaged foods, have sent a large numbers of people in Nigeria to their early graves simply because these products are widely available and sold in chemist shops and some times in the open market at cheap prices.