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Instant Pounded Yam Production Business: Startup Requirement

One way of reducing the annual wastage of farm produce in Nigeria is through value addition.
By value addition I mean processing and packaging of staple food like Yam into instant Pounded Yam (Pando Yam) for sale within Nigeria and for export.The demand for Poundo Yam in Nigeria and outside the country is very high. And due to the ease of preparation most house wives and operators of restaurants prefer Poundo Yam to the traditional way of preparing pounding Yam by pounding using wooden mortar and pistol.

How To Start Pure water business In Nigeria

The provision of portable drinking Water in both urban and rural centers is supposed to be the primary responsibility of the government.

But due to failure of government in providing cleaning drinking water for it citizens we often hear of out breaks of water born diseases like cholera and diarrhea in most developing countries.

How to start a small scale Livestock feeds production business in Nigeria

Food is very important to the survival of not just human beings alone but to animals as well.

Animals need food to survive but they are also a source we human beings get our protein intake. The modern livestock farming system in Nigeria unlike the traditional farming systems requires that poultry birds, fish, and other domestic animals be kept in an enclosure where they can be adequately feed with formulated food for proper nourishment.