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FG to Hold Crude Oil Licensing Round by Year-End: Says Petroleum Minister

Business News ….The Federal government of Nigeria will hold its first crude oil exploration bidding round for five years by the end of this year, while licence renewal talks with Shell and Chevron over existing onshore fields are in their final stages, the oil minister said on Tuesday.





In an interview with Reuters, Diezani Alison-Madueke said: “We expect within the next couple of months a marginal bid round will be announced. We hope a major bid round will follow before the end of the year.

NAFDAC’s New Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

NAFDAC’s New Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies
The menace of counterfeit and substandard drugs is no doubt one that has been on the front burner of national discourse as far as the safety of the health of Nigerians is concerned.






This led to the setting up of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) by the Federal Government in 1993, with a clear mandate of safeguarding the health of the nation, through the provision of effective regulation of food, drug and chemical sector of the economy. While NAFDAC’s mandate

Top 4 Cinemas in Nigeria

The gradual return of cinema culture among Nigerians has certainly made Cinema business in Nigeria very lucrative.

Cinema goers in nigeriaBefore now Nigerians hardly go to the cinema but these days’ people flock to cinemas houses on a daily basis to watch Nigerian movies.

Linda Ikeji: I Make millions of naira through Blogging

“When the going gets Tough, The tough gets going”
“Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY”.
Linda Ikeji Nigeria’s pro-blogger shares a story of the how she weather the storms of life to achieve success, fame and wealth through online blogging.
Below is the true life story Linda Ikeji as shared on her blog in reply to Toke Makinwa comment about Linda is not being a role model.
Please read through and make your comment at the comment box at the end of the post.

LINDAIt was early 2000; I was 19 years old, in my second year at the University of Lagos Nigeria. I’d been a model for about a year and a half then. Modeling back then didn’t pay a lot. Sometimes you eat, sometimes you can’t find food. Sometimes you had money; sometimes you will have to beg for it. I’m not from a rich home. I started struggling since I was 17 to support my family. So I kinda hard a tough life growing up but I kept working, doing all sorts of modeling jobs, ushering, and fashion shows, and at one point I sold beer at a hotel. I’d leave lectures, go to a hotel and sell beer from 1pm till 10pm. I did this for a few months. It wasn’t easy but I had to survive. One of the things I said to myself back then was, the day I sell my body to a man for money, May God strike me dead. I was determined to make it on my own, never let any man take my dignity. In those days, most young girls had an aristo…I was never one of those girls. I would rather starve or beg for food than give my body to a man for money.

Tin-Can Inland ports Shipping Position:Expect 3,643 Vehicles Next 13 days

Shipping Position, the Apapa and Tin-Can Island ports in Lagos, Nigeria are to receive 3,643 vehicles on board 10 ships in the next 13 days.
The “Shipping Position”, a document of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), issued in Lagos Nigeria on Tuesday, reported that 3,143 of the vehicles were new ones while 500 were fairly used vehicles.











The document said that a total of 84 ships would berth at the ports before the end of April.
It said that 20 of the ships would sail in with various goods, while nine would bring in diesel, seven with petrol, and three with kerosene, while one with aviation fuel.

Lagos State Begins Gas Production From Waste Dumps (Waste To Wealth)

Lagos State Government’s efforts to turn solid waste into wealth are paying off with the commencement of the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project, AKINPELU DADA writes.
Domestic waste, which used to pose a serious challenge to Lagos State, is about to become a huge revenue earner for the state.
Some 15 years ago, solid waste management posed a serious challenge to the government, as Lagos was then regarded as the dirtiest city state in the world.
After some false starts, the government seemed to have got it right with the involvement of the private sector in waste management and the revamp of the state Waste Management Authority to make it more professional and result-oriented.
Having overcome the challenge, the state is now on the verge of turning waste into income generating products with the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project.

National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB) Result Checker (Nigeria)

The National Business and Technical Education Board in Nigeria (NABTEB) have made checking of (NABTEB) exam results very easy for candidates with the introduction of a result checker in (NABTEB) website.
To quickly check NABTEB result please follow the steps below.
STEP ONE: Enter your Candidate Identification Number e.g. 38001178
STEP TWO: Select the Type of Examination
STEP THREE: Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2002
STEP FOUR: Enter the NABTEB Scratch Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789
STEP FIVE: Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912
STEP SIX: Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up
National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB) Result Checker (Nigeria)
To have your result sent to your e-mail address, do the followings:
Follow steps 1-5 above.
Click on the ‘Send Results to E-mail’ box
Enter a valid e-mail address e.g. segun@yahoo.com
Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up
Since you now know the procedure for using NABTEB Result Checker through the steps stated above. You can now visit NABTEB website to check your result any where in Nigeria and the world at large.
I wish you the best.

Plots of Land For Sale At Obama Estate (Nigeria)

PLOTS OF LAND: Over 20000 plots of land (50ft by 100ft) each is available for sale at Obama estate Asaba in Delta State Nigeria.

DESCRIPTION: This is a pure virgin land being developed into an exclusive estate with paved roads and street lights and constant water and electricity supply. Facilities and like cretch, hospitals, shopping malls, fast food joints. This plot of land is suitable for building residential apartment.
LOCATION: The land is located close to Asaba Airport, Asaba in Delta state.
COST PER PLOT(50FT BY 100FT): N2millon Naira
Plots of Land For Sale At Obama Estate Nigeria
CONTACT: ObamaEstate Nig. Limited
31 New Market Road Onitsha
Anambra State Nigeria.
Ao41 Delta Cluster,
Balogun Trade fair Complex,
Lagos, Nigeria.
2nd Floor, Jumeira Lake, Tower Palledium
Tell: +971567497072