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Nigeria Newspapers: Online Advertisement Rate

Newspaper advertisement is one of the most reliable method of promoting a company’s products and services for maximum profit generation.

With the ever increasing cost of buying printing materials and the popularity of internet among the youths in the country, sales of printed Nigeria newspapers copies have reduced drastically.
Nigeria Newspapers: Online Advertisement Rates
To meet up with the current challenges, most newspapers in Nigeria e.g Guardian Newspapers, Punch newspapers, The Sun Newspapers, Vanguard Newspapers, Tribune and many others now have an online edition of their publication.

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Below are the various sizes of adverting banners and the rates we charge.

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To be frank advertising is very important to the survival of any business. If you don’t have a way of attracting customers to do business with you, no profit will be made and without profit you will soon close down your business.

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Here below are companies who have chosen to advertise their products and services on NaijaBizcom page.
Aifesehi-ventures Nigeria Enterprises an Oil Palm production company
Image-show-concept-ventures, Fumigation and Cleaning Outfit
I will like to let know that the CEOs of these companies usually call to inform me that they now do business with individuals and companies not only in Nigeria but in the UK and America.

To place advert on Naijabizcom website here are the procedures.

Send details about your business to cashkom@gmail.com and this should include

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Email address.

The type of service and product being offered by your company.

After this your advert will be live on NaijaBizcom and you are now expected to credit our bank account with the sum charged for the advert. Below is the advert payment detail.

NOTE: We will alone to attend to those who pay the N3,000 first and others later, because it is first come first serve basis, so to get your adverts online quickly be the first to pay.

Pay the sum of N5, 000 to any Gtbank close to you.

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Account name: Ojo Otaru

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