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How to Use Bulk SMS Campaign to Make Money quietly Online and Offline

The advancement in information and telecommunication technology has really easy the marketing of goods and services world wide through sending of bulk SMS.
The use of Bulk SMS campaign is the most effective methods of passing across urgent messages to the large number of GSM users in different locations at once. Bulk SMS campaign is cheap and easy to run compare to other forms of advertising campaign in Nigeria. It enables you send information about your products and services to both existing and new customers and the messages are delivered instantly. Bulk SMS campaign messages sent out, you are sure to make money from customers in due time.
To use bulk SMS campaign to make money in Nigeria is very easy. You don’t need to have any technical experience to setup and operate your own bulk SMS campaign platform, all that is required are listed below
First of all, try and determine products and services that highly are needed by a large number of people online or offline.
Write a short sales article or sales letter, stating the benefits of the products and services to customers.
Post the sales letter or article in a website, forum, and free classified Ad site. Also, you can buy advert space in a national newspaper like The Guardian Newspapers and magazines.
The above will not only expose your products and services to customers to buy but will also enable you have a large data base of GSM phone numbers in Nigeria you can use for sales reminder and for future sales. With access to a large of GSM numbers in your data base, you can proceed to set up a Bulk SMS campaign platform and start sending SMS to GSM numbers in your list. You can start with as low as N1500 to purchase 1000units of bulk SMS.
There are many bulk SMS dealers in Nigeria to buy SMS units from. As for me I buy bulk SMS from dn-mobile they are located along Awolowo way Ikeja Lagos-Nigeria.
Also you can do a search on Google or Yahoo for more Bulk SMS dealers in Nigeria. After paying for the Bulk SMS, the dealer will register and setup a platform for you on their website where you can always login; send messages out to people, with provision for customize message headings and a section you can place the GSM phone numbers on your list.
Note, make sure the message you are sending across through Bulk SMS is short and direct to the point. Also make sure the messages lead your target customers to your website, blog, and office address for further information on how get product and how to make payment.
Also, to generate additional income from bulk SMS business, you may need to buy up to 20,000 units to enable you resell to others who needs them. Bulk SMS business in the country is a lucrative; most companies and wedding couples use bulk SMS to send quick messages to invited quests and are ever ready to pay N4per SMS.
I believe reading article must have in deed open up your understanding on how to use bulk SMS campaign to reach large number of GSM users in Nigeria quicker. Thus making huge amount of cash from sales of products and services without leaving the comfort of your room or office.
Therefore, go ahead and use it to promote both your online and offline business.
Remain blessed.

How to Start Transport Business, Even if you Don’t Own a Trailer (Haulage)

Inadequate transportation has being a major hindrance to the rapid development of Nigeria. One daily basis, farmers and manufacturers go through stress moving farm produce and finished goods from one part of Nigeria to the other all because of poor transportation system.

Although, the federal Government of Nigeria has being making concerted effort towards reviving the rail transport system in the country but all to no avail.

Make Money selling Mobile phones Like Slot Nigeria

The ever increasing demand for mobile phones in Nigeria has led to the importation of all manner of handsets into the country. A visit to the computer Village in Ikeja/Lagos will give you a clearer picture of the different brand of mobile phones that are available in the Nigerian market. I know you will not be surprise if I say most of the mobile phones being sold in the market are not durable because, you must have at one time bought a phone that packed up shorting after purchase. And the worst thing is that must of seller will bluntly refusal to replace the phone or give you a refund. Are looking for company that sells quality and affordable mobile phones with twelve months guarantee? If yes, then go to Slot Nigeria, they are dealers in major brands of mobile phones like Nokia, Samsung, Black Berry, iphones and Sony Ericsson etc. Slot Nigeria has sales outlets along Simbiat Abiola road Ikeja, Kofo Abayomi Street Apapa Lagos, Abuja and in other parts of the country. A visit to their sales out in Ikeja-Lagos will tell you the company is really making money based on the number of people that patronize them daily. Also, if you want to setup a profitable mobile phone sales business in the country then Slot is a company you can use as a model.
To make Millions of Naira from sales of mobile phones like Slot, below is the steps you should follow.
Get your business registered with C.A.C as a limited liability company or an enterprise.
Site your sales out in a suitable location.
Get distributorship of major mobile phone brands in the country. Alternatively, you can buy from established distributors or importers.
Sell at reasonable prices to attract more people to buy your product. Visit Slot sales outlets and get the price list of mobile phones.
Offer 3-6 months guarantee on every product purchased from your shop. The guarantee should include after sales repair or outright replacement in case the mobile phone suddenly develop fault.This will give customers peace of mind and they will buy more and even advertise your company to relatives/friends free of charge.
Advertise your products. To make money continuously from sales of mobile phones, you will need to advertise your products to members of the public through radio, national dailies and television. Though these medium of advertising is expensive but it is effective. Alternatively, you can use the internet to advertise by creating a website, facebook fanpage, and place advertise on major forums e.g. Nairaland.
Employ competent and dedicated staff with good customer relationship skills. Indeed, you can make millions of Naira selling mobile phones like Slot Nigeria but you may need to take steps to actualize it, otherwise it will just be a mere dream.
All things are possible to them that believe and take necessary steps to make it real. See you at the top!

Make N100, 000 monthly designing website for companies in Nigeria.

In this age of information and communication technology, websites/blogs have become a reliable tool for individuals and companies to market ideas, products and services globally. Through the internet websites many companies in Europe, America and Asia now make billions of Dollars annually from the sales of products and services to millions of people beyond their boarders.
On the other hand the same can’t be said about most companies in Nigeria when it comes having a web presence. Just read through the adverts placed by companies in most national dailies in the country and you will discover that Very many entrepreneurs in the country don’t know the benefits of the internet not to talk of having setup a website for their businesses.
However, this is an opportunity for people like you to make money from business owners in the country if you know to design websites!
A website designer who can market his website designing skills to business owners, book publishers, radio/TV producers, pastors, politicians and film/music stars in Nigeria stands to make N100, 000 on monthly basis.
You can charge customers between N15, 000 to N25, 000 per website designed and you are sure of making at least N10, 000 as profit on each.
Just multiply N10, 000 by at least ten websites designed by you in a month that is N100, 000 and you can actually make more money as your clients’ increases. Here is the opportunity you have being waiting for to make money genuinely so, make the most of it!
All you need to kick start the business of designing websites/ blogs for customers are as follows.
TRAINING. Get trained and master how to build websites, domain name registration and website hosting.
MARKETING. You need to let people know you are a website designer. Therefore, print business cards, hand bills and place adverts in newspapers to create awareness about your business. Doing this, you will find companies and individuals who will give you jobs to do for them.
I believe if you can make, but you will need to take urgent steps to make your desires a reality. They say all things remain standstill until effort is applied to make it move.
For practical training and step eBooks that will guide you on how to design websites and make money from business owners in Nigeria contact me through.
Tel: 08081632025 or send email to cashkom@gmail.com
Stay blessed.

How To know Genuine Buyers Of Export Commodities In Nigeria

I have been asked several times by clients and followers of NaijaBizCom Blog on how to know a genuine buyer of export commodities from Nigeria.
I will like to use this opportunity to say that when ever you want to export commodities and you doubt the genuineness of the foreign buyer, what you need do is get more information about him/her. And the best way to get useful information about the foreign buyer here in Nigeria, is through the embassy or high commission of the country where the buyer comes from.
For example you got some export contracts from a foreign buyer in the UK, America, India, China and Canada but in serious doubt. What you need do is go to the export desk of the embassies or high commission of these countries in Nigeria and get useful information that will help you.
The offices of most embassies and high commission in Nigeria are located in Lagos and Abuja. So, make sure you visit these embassies and high commission to obtain detailed information about your client before you risk your hard earned money to export any commodities.
Contact Address.  
ALO Building, Plot 665, Nog Vail Street, Off IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel. 09-523780 Fax, 5237381.

Contact Address.Embassy Branch office 11, Mambilla street, Maitama Abuja.
Contact Address.  
Shehu Shagari way, Maitama, Abuja.
11, Eleke Crescent Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 4441, Lagos. Nigeria
Tel. 01-2611931, Fax. 2619879.
Contact Address.  
Plot 63, Europe House, Usuma Street, Maitma, Abuja.
Tel. 09-5233796.
Contact Address.
No. 3, Bobo Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel. 09-5235857,5230960,5230353.
Contact Address.  

Plot 342, Bamako street,Zone, Wuse Abuja.
Contact Address.  

Plot 63, Europe House,Usman Street, Maitama, Abuja.Nigeria
Tel.0 9-5233801, 52333786
Contact Address.  

Plot 63, Europe House,Usman Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel.0 9-5233794-5
Contact Address.

Plot 63, Europe House,Usman Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel.0 9-5233802-3
Contact Address.
8A, Eleke Crescent, Victoria Island, P.O.Box 22322, Lagos.
Tel. 01-2616601,2615905, 2615078.
Contact Address.
5N, Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island. P.O.Box 3478, Lagos.
Fax. (234)-(1) 2613301
Contact Address. 
34, kofo Abayami Street, Victoria Island, P.O.Box 2421,
Lagos, tel. 01-2617567,2615224
Contact Address
Plot 636, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel.01-2622055/56, 26220058,2620121.
Contact Address.  

No.9, Bobo Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama Street,
Maitama Abuja. Tel. 09-5231811
Contact Address.  

Plot 63, Europe House, Usman Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Tel. 09-5233790-2
Contact Address.

24,Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue,
P.M.B 2426,Lagos.Nigeria
Tel. 01-2613005,2613510
Contact Address.

1A,Murtala Muhammed Drive,
Ikoyi, P.O.Box 149, Lagos.
Tel. 01-2691507-11
I believe this information will do you great good if only you take some time to visit the above foreign embassies in Nigeria, to get useful information about the genuineness of any foreign buyer of export commodities.
Please share this information with friends on facebook and twitter.
I wish you the best as you take steps.

How to make 100percent profits selling Bulk SMS (Nigeria)

The use of bulk SMS is one cheap and effective means of sending information to a large number of people at once through their GSM phones in Nigeria. I never knew how effective sending bulk SMS is until recently when I started using it to send information to the GSM phones of my numerous clients. In fact sending Bulk SMS has really helped in directing huge traffic to my blog NaijaBizCom and also increased the sales of my information products. 
The potentials in Bulk SMS business has not being fully tapped in Nigeria, only very few individuals and companies have started using bulk SMS to reach clients. While the majority of individuals, companies, churches, mosques, schools and order organizations have yet to know the benefit of using bulk SMS not to talk of using it.

Therefore the sales of bulk SMS in Nigeria is indeed a very profitable business opportunity in Nigeria. You can start with just N2000 only and through bulk SMS business you are sure to make 100% profits. N2000 is enough to purchase 1000units of bulk SMS at rate of N2per SMS and you can then sell at the rate of N3.50-N4per SMS to companies, churches and mosques. Selling this 1000units at the rate of say N4per SMS will give you a profit of N2000, which is 100percent.
Therefore, to start making profits through the sales of bulk SMS in Nigeria, here are few things you must put in place.

DATA BASE OF PHONE NUMBERS. These large quantities of phone numbers you can also sell to clients to do campaign.
HOW TO MARKET YOUR BULK SMS BUSINESS.  After you have put the above in place, you will then proceed to look for customers who will buy bulk SMS from you. Go to or Send a letter introducing your bulk SMS business to religious and corporate organization in your area, telling them about your bulk SMS business and how easy and cost saving benefits they will derive using bulk SMS to reach theirs members or clients. Your ability to convinced customers to buy your bulk SMS will go a long way to you generate steady income through bulk SMS business in Nigeria.
Also, If need to buy large quantities of bulk SMS to start generating income for yourself. 

Please call this number. 08081632025

How to Export Kola Nut from Nigeria to Europe and America.

Do you know that the kola nut we chew daily in Nigeria; is actually an important commodity that can be exported to feed manufacturing companies in Europe &America?

Kola nut have stimulating properties (caffeine) and thus is being used as raw materials by , Beverage, soft drinks and pharmaceutical companies in America, UK, Germany, and France make use of large quantities of Caffeine and some other extracts of kola to produce fast moving products. Products like, Energy Drinks, beverage drinks, tea, herbal drugs, Beauty soaps, sweets, Chewing gum and beauty creams just to mention a few.

How to start Potato Chips production business with N10,000 at Home In Nigeria.

Do you know that Potato chips production is another profitable business you can start right at home in Nigeria with small capital?
With the high rate of unemployment and increasing cost of living in Nigeria, I consider Potato chips production business as an easy way out of poverty and unemployment. 
Due to high of potato chips in Nigeria, you are sure to generate enough income that will not only take care of your basic needs but that of your family as well.
Also, the requirement for setting up your own Potato chips production business in Nigeria is not stringent. The start up capital is small, you don’t need to rent a shop because you can start it from even your one room apartment; the main raw material (sweet potato) needed is widely available in every part of Nigeria.
You can start Potato chips production Business with at least N10, 000 only. This amount covers the cost of purchasing of raw potato tubers, vegetable oil, equipment and packaging materials.
One packet of potato chips, whole sales price is N50 and N100 retail price.
So, with N10, 000 you can produce potato chips that will generate up to N15000 as profit after removing all expenses.
Therefore, to start your potato chips production business, here are the requirements and the steps to take.
CAPITAL REQUIRED. With an initial capital of N10,000 you can comfortably start potato chips production business.
Potato chips cutter or sharp table knife.
Big fry pan.
Portable electrical Nylon sealing machine.
Gas burner or kerosene stove.
Weighing scale.
Raw potatoes tuber
Vegetable Oil.
Table salt.
Plain packaging nylon or customized nylon
Printed label.
Peel off the skin of the raw potato with a knife.
Wash the already peeled raw potatoes.
Cut or slice the already peeled potato into small chips using your kitchen knife or a potato cutter.
Add some quantity of table salt or Sugar depending on what your customers will like.
Light your stove or gas burner, place your big frying pan and then pour in the vegetable Oil to get hot.
Start putting into the hot vegetable Oil some quantity of the sliced potatoes to fry till it becomes slightly golden brown color before you packed them out and allow it to cool.
Now, you can start weighing the already fried potatoes chips in 50gs each and then packed into your customized nylon or plain nylon with printed labels and get it ready for the market.
Plan Packaging Nylon or customize nylon
Printed labels
MARKETING OF YOUR POTATO CHIPS. You can start making money instantly as you introduce your potato chips to friends and neighbors. Also, don’t fail to take your products to the numerous market, provision stores and schools in your area for people to know your product and also buy from you.
PLEASE NOTE. On the label of your package potato chips please, don’t forget to print your product name, email address and phone numbers for easy contact by those who will love to become a distributor of your product in Nigeria.
Potato chips production in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business, it only when you venture into it and start enjoying the cool cash thus generated that you will realize that, life is beautiful when you are making progress.
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Remain blessed.