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Glo Nigeria Internet browsing plans (daily, month, and weekend)

Are you Glo Nigeria mobile phone subscriber? If yes, then here are the various internet browsing plans on the glo mobile network and the glo internet activation code.

You can subscribe to the one day (24hour) internet bundle plan, one month, 100hours, 300hours or the weekend plan.

But, before you subscribe, make sure you put into consideration the purpose to which you want to use the particular internet plan for and the price you can afford to pay. Below is the

Glo Nigeria Internet browsing plans, prices, data, activation code for (daily, month, and weekend)

Plan        Duration        Price     Data     Activation code

Glo Max   1month       N7500    6GB       Text12 to 127

Glo Min    1month       N5000    1.5GB    Text11 to 127

Glo Micro  1month      N1000    150MB    Text13 to 127

Glo Day    24 hrs        N500      150MB    Text10 to 127

Glo G300  300hrs       N15000   4GB        Text21 to 127

Glo G100  100hrs       N6000     3GB        Text20 to 127

Glo GWork (8am – 9pm)N6000 3GB        Text31 to 127

Glo GLeisure(8pm – 9amWeekend) N5000-3GB-Text30 to 127

I believe with any of these glo Nigeria data plan you can now enjoy smooth internet browsing with your mobile phone connected to your laptop or desktop.


MTN Nigeria Internet browsing plans (daily, month, and weekend)

For all MTN Nigeria mobile phone subscribers below are the various internet browsing Data plan on the MTN mobile network.

Look though and then subscribe to any of the plans that best suit your purpose and don’t forget put the price in consideration before activation the MTN data code.

MTN Internet browsing plans, prices, data, activation code for (day, month, and weekend)

MTN Monthly  100MB (30 days)    N1000(Text 106 to 131)

MTN Daily      10MB (24 hours)     N100(Text104 to 131)

MTN Weekly   25MB (7days)        N500(Text 105 to 131)

MTN Daily      150MB (24 hours)  N500(Text 103 to 131)

MTN Monthly  5GB   (30days)      N8000(Text 101 to 131)

MTN Day Time  3GB (9pm – 6am,30days)N6000(Text 107 to 131)

MTN Night   3GB (9am – 9pm, 30 days) N2500(Text 102 to 131)

MTN Weekend, 3GB (9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 days)N3000(Text 108 to 131)

Pay and activate the best MTN Nigeria internet browsing the plan of your choice and start enjoying free and interrupted access to the internet.

To check your MTN data plan balance on the MTN Nigeria network please dial *123#on your mobile phone.