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How to Make Your Own Shoe Polish at Home ( Free eBook download)

How to Make Your Own Shoe Polish at Home (Download free eBook)
I have observed on several occasions that, among the three most important things people look out for in your dressing at parties is how glossy your shoes are. No matter how expensive the designer’s dress you are wearing, your dress sense is never complete if the shoes your feet are not well cared for.
To look and feel good in the public (fashion wise) people need to get their leather shoes properly polished. You remember the saying “looking good is good business”.
Indeed Shoe polish is a product whose demand in the market is very high and those who are into the production of shoe polish never lacks cash. So you too can start making your own shoe polish at home to generate income.
The advantage in making your own shoe polish at home is not just to polish your shoes alone but to sell to others and earn a living from it.
To make your own shoe polish is not a difficult thing; all you need is to know the different raw materials needed and the required production method. Below are the raw materials, equipments and production method required for making your own shoe polish at home. Also you can this article in an ebook format at the end of the post.
Paraffin oil.
Colorant or dye.
Paraffin oil.
Steel or aluminum container with stirrer.
Wood or kerosene stove or gas cooker.
Customize Steel or plastic packaging containers.
Step One. Light up the stove.
Step Two. Place the steel or aluminum container on lighted stove.
Step Three. Cut 1part of paraffin wax and put into the heated container and stir.
Step Four. As you stir the paraffin wax to melt, add quickly 1 liter of paraffin oil and stir continuously until they are properly mixed.
Step Five. Now you can add some desired quantity of colorant or dye and stir the mixture.
Step Six. After adding the dye to desired taste, you can put off the stove or remove the mixture from the hot stove to allow the mixture cool to certain temperature.
Step Seven. Pour the almost cool mixture in an already prepared customize Packaging steel or plastic container and get the product ready for sale in the market.
Like I will always advice who ever wants to start a business new, the easiest way to market any product or services is to start with people you already know. The same is applicable in is situation, to quickly make sales, give some of your products to friends, neighbors and relatives to try out. And if they like it, the possibility of them buying not only for themselves but for their own friends is very sure. Also, don’t fail to take your product to shop owners in your locality and the more you market the fast your shoe polish will become a house hold name product.
To buy the raw materials needed for making shoes polish please, go to any chemical sales shop near you. Please, go with a list and tell the shop attendant you need raw materials for making shoe polish, this will enable you purchase the right the materials for your production.
Having gone through this article, I believe you now understand how to make your own shoe polish at home and also make money from sales of your product. With this knowledge at hand, the next step is for you to follow up with action because mere accumulation of knowledge without action will not bring about a change in your financial position. Take steps, It is your turn to shine.
Let your light so shine.
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Remain blessed.
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