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Easiest Way to Start Laptop computer repair Business in Nigeria.

Introduction Welcome to Naijabizcom, although I may not know exactly where you are seated at this very moment but I’m quite sure you are here in search of profitable ideas to set up your own small scale business in Nigeria.

Photography Business in Nigeria-How to start making huge Income on weekly basis

Introduction The first time I heard this statement Nigerians are the happiest people in the world I was surprised. Then I asked myself, is it because Nigerians are so wealthy economically or what are the reasons? It took me some

How to Start a Profitable GSM handset Repair Business in Nigeria.

Introduction Apart from the ease at which people now communicate freely with one another in Nigeria, the introduction of affordable GSM mobile phone lines into Nigeria, undoubtedly has brought lots of economic benefits to the ordinary people on the street.

Start Export Brokerage Business without capital in Nigeria.

Introduction Do you know you too can earn reasonable amount of income when you start a home base export brokerage business?  Some individuals who are into export brokerage business in Nigeria make millions secretly right in the comfort of their

Nine Ways to Market your Business Ideas in Nigeria,Fast and Easy

Introduction It’s very easy to come up with fantastic business ideas, products and services but marketing them becomes a great challenge to majority of people not only in Nigeria but also the world at large. Marketing Challenges and Opportunities The

How to Export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit

Introduction How to export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit Benefits of Ginger Ginger is root plant with high medicinal and food value, the plant is cultivated in large quantities by many farmers in Nigeria especially in the northern

How to Start Home Based Body Cream Production.

Introduction The skin is the largest organ of the human body it requires regularly maintenance to prevent it from wearing out very fast. The use of body creams is one way that helps to nourish the skin and make it

Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria, Invest N80, 000 & make 100 percent Profits

Introduction Do you know you can make 100percent profits when you invest just N80, 000 in exporting Bitter kola from Nigeria to Europe, America and Asia countries? If you don’t know, please read this article further and you will discover

Increase sales using free classified Ad.

Did you know you can attract lots of customers to buy your goods and services at no cost if you advertise your business in online free classified ad websites? Using free classified ad website to advertise your business is the

Quick ways to Start a Profitable Printing and Publishing Business.

Introduction Printing and publishing is a profitable business opportunity in Nigeria you can embark upon easily. In fact you can start making millions of Naira from printing business without owning a printing press. Printing Processes All you need is first to