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How To Make Money Quick Before Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and most people don’t even know where they are going to make money to shop for the celebration. The harsh economic realities in the country is one thing giving a lot of people concern, a situation were the prices of food stuffs, clothing, gift items and other things needed to make Christmas day pleasurable and memorable have become very expensive in the market.

However, in spite of the economic downturn, it is a well know fact that Christmas season still remains the best period where individuals, families and organizations spend lots of money to shop for Christmas.

Also, in other to make sure the kids are well taken care of, must parents usually go to any length to provide new clothing, cook food, buy drinks and other items needed to celebrate Christmas.

Although the general spending pattern maybe lower than expected but, it is an opportunity for individuals and business men to make quick money this festive season. So if you want to make money quick this, you will need to identify goods and services that people need most for the Christmas celebration and be able to supply these needs.

Below are some goods and services that sell most during Christmas season so take advantage of this opportunities to make quick money for yourself.

Chicken, Turkey, cow meat selling business.

Sales of small bags of rice to make money quick.

Packaging of gift baskets/corporate gifts.

Sales of drinks (Soft, malt and Alcoholic)

Sales of Children clothing.

Vegetable and salad making ingredients.

Cake making and sales of materials for baking.

Out door catering business.Learn How to Start Outdoor catering business with small capital here

Sound equipment/chair rental business.

Printing of calendars and dairies

Female beauty products sales business.

Sales of Bulk SMS for sending Xmas greetings. Learn how to make money selling bulk SMS here

Sales of fire crackers.

Event planning and decorations.

Make money as an MC (Master of ceremonies)

Female hair braiding and hair dressing saloon business.

Tailoring business.

Sell cooking gas to make money quick.

You will make money quick, if you render services and sell fast moving products at a considerable price before and during this Christmas season.

Fumigation and Cleaning Company In Nigeria (Image Show Concept Ventures).

Dear friend,

You are welcome to my page on NaijaBizcom.

I’m Mr. Andrew Opashi Vareshe, the C.E.O of IMAGE SHOW CONCEPT VENTURES. A company duly registered with the corporate commission of Nigeria.

We are a Lagos state Environmental protection Authority (LASEPA) accredited Industrial/domestic fumigation, cleaning and pest control service company.


FUMIGATE RESIDENTIAL/office buildings to control the activities of rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, snakes and other dangerous insects from.

CLEAN residential buildings.

CLEAN OFFICES, Factory Floor, workshops and Generator room,

DISPOSE industrial waste.

“Cleanliness they say is next to godliness” Therefore, to keep your home/offices clean and free from pest infestation, we urge you to patronize our company (IMAGE SHOW CONCEPT Venture: Lagos-Nigeria).

We promise to render prompt and efficient services at affordable cost.

To reach us please feel free to use to the addresses below.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 7 Simbiat Abiola ways Ikeja-Lagos Nigeria

TELEPHONE: 017664092.

G.S.M: 08024467708, 08064004598 08099911691.

EMAIL ADDRESS: @yahoo.com, aopashi@yahoo.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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How To Pay FIRS Tax Online in Nigeria.

The payment and collection personal and business tax is undoubtedly very crucial to the development of any nation. Therefore, every responsible Individuals and companies operating within a country is expected to pay certain amount of money as tax to the government, to build roads, provide water and electricity, run public schools and maintain the Army and police force etc.

Tax evasion in most developed countries of the world is considered a criminal offence and any body caught, is thus charged to court and sentenced accordingly.

Want to Make Money Online then Read Further

Where is money on the internet? This is one silent question people ask themselves as they go searching the various internet websites, forums and social media sites for money making opportunities.

But after much search and no result they start to wonder where could the money be in online. And in desperation to make money at all cost they pitch their tent in get rich quick programs like.

Get paid to read email.

Online paid survey

Liberty reserve investment programs..

Online lottery and gambling.

Get paid to write comments on blogs and websites and many other scam programs where they loose their hard earned money.

Please Note, there is no short cut to making genuine money on the internet. Your financial breakthrough will only come as you make conscious effort towards achieving desired results. Before, you consider a particular system of earning income online there are things you must consider.

KNOWLEDGE You must first of all get yourself acquainted with how money is being made on the internet, this you can learn from those who are already making head ways internet business.

ABILITY TO SOLVE PROBLEM. The internet is not a money printing machine but a platform where millions of people visit daily from all parts of the world to find solutions to problems. Money will not just jump out of the computer screen and land on your lap, you must be ready to help others solve problems online and get paid for a job well done.

PATICENCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERSEVERANCE.  To earn income online, you need to be patience and be persistent even when you have not received a dime. And you must quit trying even when failure steer you on the face. Remember they say “WINNERS NEVER QUIT and QUITTERS NEVER WIN” If you refuse to Quit, you will surely going to smile to the bank at the end of the day.

With this winner mentality you can now start searching income opportunities through which you can make legitimate income online. Below are some genuine internet businesses to consider.

INFORMATION MARKETING.  This involves generating income through writing and sales of information products e.g eBooks, tapes CD, DVDs). These information products may be the ones you created or owned by others.

ARTICLE MARKETING. Article marketing is another legitimate way to earn income online. It involves writing articles and sales letters for website/blog publishers. You can do a search on Google and Yahoo to find several websites that have writing job opportunities for freelance writers.

WEBSITE DESIGNING. You can also earn income designing websites for companies and publishers online. In fact this is a very lucrative business.

BLOGGING.   Internet Blogging is one way through which you can make lots of money. You can setup a free blog at Blogger or WordPress and use it to promote any idea or products that give you some income.

GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE. Online advertising is money making opportunities on the internet. Google the search engine giant generate billions of Dollars as revenue annually from advert sales. Some percentage of this huge revenue is shared among companies and individuals who assist Google in publishing those adverts in their websites/blog. So Google adsense is one way of making clean money online your blog.

AFFILIATE MARKETING. You can also make lots of cash selling products and services for companies online through affiliate membership. Amazon.com and Click bank are two most credible affiliate companies online, so visit their websites and signup as a member.

In this article, I believe you must have found an answer to the question of where to find money on the internet. Now you know the various internet money making programs to adapt and the ones to avoid, so take steps to actualize your desire to make money on the internet.

Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends on facebook, twitter and others.

Remain bless.
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Price List for laundry and dry cleaning business in Lagos Nigeria

Before fixing any charges for services rendered in your laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need to first find out the current rate being charged by other laundry practitioners in your area. This will help you to fix a moderate price that will attract customers to you.

Here is a price list being used to charge customers by a laundry and drying business I know quite well in Lagos-Nigeria. You adjust it to suit the area where your business is located.

FABRICS                                                                                                      PRICE/N

Tie                                                                                                                       N80

Shit                                                                                                                     N150

Shit with anger                                                                                               N200

Trouser                                                                                                             N200

Suits                                                                                                                   N500

Safari suit                                                                                                         N350

Complete native (Buba and agbada)                                                     N800

Jeans                                                                                                                   N200

Women native                                                                                                N250

Men native                                                                                                       N250

Shirt and blouse                                                                                           N250

Bed shit Small                                                                                               N200

Bed shit large                                                                                                 N300

Blanket Duvet                                                                                               N500

Towel small                                                                                                   N150

Towel medium                                                                                                N250

Towel large                                                                                                      N300

Wedding gown                                                                                                 N2500

Aso- oke complete                                                                                          N500

Little bride gown                                                                                              N300

Pajamas                                                                                                                N150

Native cap                                                                                                            N150

Socks                                                                                                                      N60 per pair

Singlet                                                                                                                  N100

Sweater                                                                                                                 N300

I believe with aggressive marketing campaign and good quality service you will surely attract large number of individuals and companies who willingly bring tons of clothes for you to wash and dry clean.  And before you know lots of money will start rolling into your laundry and your cleaning business.

NOTE To purchase small, medium and large scale laundry and dry cleaning machines and equipment for business please call 08081632025 Or email: cashkom@gamil.com

NOTE To help you save cost of buying expensive liquid cold starch and laundry soaps for washing clothes, I have packaged an informative manual on how to produce Liquid cold laundry start and soaps with just N15, 000 as capital. The PDF manual cost N3000 only.

Apart, producing your own cold starch to save cost of buying, you can also make additional income selling it to other laundry and dry cleaning business owners in your area.  To order a copy, please call 08081632025 for payment details.

Always visit Naijabizcom.com.for fresh business Ideas to expand your financial base. But, if you are a very busy that you can not come always please, feel free to subscribe to my articles via email so that every new post I posted on this website can be delivered to your email box.

Thanks and may God bless you.

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What You Have in Your Hand Is Enough To Start A Business

The economic melt down that took place some few years ago have in no doubt left many businesses and families in most countries in bad financial state.
On daily basis you hear workers complaining bitterly of their inability to meet up with basic financial obligations because of lack of money due to poor remuneration. While on the other hand employers of labor blame the government for not providing the right environment for businesses to thrive. Who then is to be blamed for the present harsh economic conditions people going through daily?
Well, like Professor Ola Rotimi a renowned Novelist titled his book, I will say “The gods are not to be blamed” for what ever economic hardship people go through in life. I believe the financial destiny of any man or woman lies within him or her. There are some attributes we posses, you call it talent of which if properly utilized can alleviate any harsh economic condition.
But in reality majority of people don’t always look inward to see the abundant of talents, abilities and materials resources at their disposal instead; you hear them shout to the high heavens about lack of startup capital for business. Just take a critical look at yourself now and you will definitely discover one or more abilities you can easily convert to startup capital for business. Below are skills, abilities and resources you have at hand which you can help you in setting up your desired business.  
SKILLS AND IDEAS Majority of people don’t know that the skills and ideas they posses are a major factor in business. You remember the four factors of production (Land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship). Yes, if you have one or more of these factors you can simply exchange it for money or for the rest you don’t have.
For example, if you are a highly knowledgeable and very skillful in a particular trade or profession you can raise the required startup capital for business by partnering with some body else who capital and is not as skillful like you are.
STOCKS AND BANK SAVINGS. Those companies stocks you bought some time ago at the stock exchange are assets you can use as security to obtain SME loan from micro finance bank in your country. Also, the little savings you have in your bank account is that thing in your hands you can use to start a small scale business that will later grow to become a big firm.
HOUSES AND LAND. The houses and other landed property you have are assets you can sell to raise capital or use as security to obtain loan from a bank. Also, if in the house you live have enough space at the backyard you can simply use the little amount money in your hand and the free space to start businesses like.
Cat fish farming business.
Poultry farming business.
Vegetable garden.
Soap making business.
Laundry and dry cleaning business. Etc.
PEOPLE YOUR ARE CONNECTED TO. Some times I hear people say when it comes to success and riches in life that “it’s not what you know that matters but the people you know” yes they are quite right to some extent but what you know and who you know makes a perfect combination as far as success and achievement is concerned.
The gifts of a man they say provides him opportunities to deal on almost equal terms with the powerful and highly placed individuals in the society. While a man who only knows a lot of people but does not have economic value (usefulness) will only be a qualified errand boy for life.
I’m sure that through reading these articles you have discovered that you actually posses enough abilities and resources needed to start your desired business without stress.
They say “No condition is permanent” All conditions are subject to change even with just little effort you can your financial condition for good, just be proactive.
See you at the Top.
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Charcoal Export Season in Nigeria Starts Next Month (Update)

Are you planning to charcoal export from Nigeria but don’t know the particular time/season of the year most suitable for buying and exporting the product to foreign buyers in Europe and America?

Charcoal Export Season in Nigeria Starts Next Month (Update)









Or maybe you have heard that export business is very lucrative and you want some vital information that will enable you start quickly?
Well, what ever maybe the case I will like to inform you that Charcoal export season starts in October to June every year.

Normally October to June is the period of the year when most buyers of charcoal in the UK, Germany and France issue out large contracts to exporters for their charcoal supplies, knowing fully well that in the raining seasons most producers of charcoal in the country usually have problems of storage and thus can not produce quality charcoal.
So, if you are interested in this business now is the time to take advantage of the high demand for charcoal in the international market to make huge profits in Pounds Starlings and Euro.
However, if you want to know how to start charcoal export business please, read my previous article for more information.

Make N100, 000 monthly designing website for companies in Nigeria.

In this age of information and communication technology, websites/blogs have become a reliable tool for individuals and companies to market ideas, products and services globally. Through the internet websites many companies in Europe, America and Asia now make billions of Dollars annually from the sales of products and services to millions of people beyond their boarders.
On the other hand the same can’t be said about most companies in Nigeria when it comes having a web presence. Just read through the adverts placed by companies in most national dailies in the country and you will discover that Very many entrepreneurs in the country don’t know the benefits of the internet not to talk of having setup a website for their businesses.
However, this is an opportunity for people like you to make money from business owners in the country if you know to design websites!
A website designer who can market his website designing skills to business owners, book publishers, radio/TV producers, pastors, politicians and film/music stars in Nigeria stands to make N100, 000 on monthly basis.
You can charge customers between N15, 000 to N25, 000 per website designed and you are sure of making at least N10, 000 as profit on each.
Just multiply N10, 000 by at least ten websites designed by you in a month that is N100, 000 and you can actually make more money as your clients’ increases. Here is the opportunity you have being waiting for to make money genuinely so, make the most of it!
All you need to kick start the business of designing websites/ blogs for customers are as follows.
TRAINING. Get trained and master how to build websites, domain name registration and website hosting.
MARKETING. You need to let people know you are a website designer. Therefore, print business cards, hand bills and place adverts in newspapers to create awareness about your business. Doing this, you will find companies and individuals who will give you jobs to do for them.
I believe if you can make, but you will need to take urgent steps to make your desires a reality. They say all things remain standstill until effort is applied to make it move.
For practical training and step eBooks that will guide you on how to design websites and make money from business owners in Nigeria contact me through.
Tel: 08081632025 or send email to cashkom@gmail.com
Stay blessed.