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5 Lucrative Ways to Use Whatsapp for Business


The simplicity of Whatsapp shouldn’t fool you into thinking its use is limited to mere casual chatter. Whatsapp can be a powerful and highly cost-effective business tool to those who know how to properly employ its features for business. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 lucrative ways to use Whatsapp for business.

For Customer Engagement and Support

Whatsapp is a great tool for delivering customer service and a great platform for customer engagement and support. Whatsapp’s SMS features and its ability to send images, video clips, documents, media and audio files make it a great tool for customer engagement and support; it can be used to engage customers and help increase sales as well as garner a good reputation for your business. Whatsapp is also a great follow up tool for converting business leads into repeat orders, and is a platform for you to also share regular updates about your business at little or no cost rather than through email or SMS. It’s also an effective, convenient and cost-effective way for customers to reach out to you when they have complaints or feedback on your products or services, rather than customers wasting time and spending hundreds of Naira on-hold, waiting for their calls to be picked on a customer care line.

How To Start Car Washing Business


Are you thinking of setting up a profitable car wash business and looking for information to help you achieve your desire? If yes then read further because you are in the right place.

Fumigation and Cleaning Company In Nigeria (Image Show Concept Ventures).

Dear friend,

You are welcome to my page on NaijaBizcom.

I’m Mr. Andrew Opashi Vareshe, the C.E.O of IMAGE SHOW CONCEPT VENTURES. A company duly registered with the corporate commission of Nigeria.

We are a Lagos state Environmental protection Authority (LASEPA) accredited Industrial/domestic fumigation, cleaning and pest control service company.


FUMIGATE RESIDENTIAL/office buildings to control the activities of rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, snakes and other dangerous insects from.

CLEAN residential buildings.

CLEAN OFFICES, Factory Floor, workshops and Generator room,

DISPOSE industrial waste.

“Cleanliness they say is next to godliness” Therefore, to keep your home/offices clean and free from pest infestation, we urge you to patronize our company (IMAGE SHOW CONCEPT Venture: Lagos-Nigeria).

We promise to render prompt and efficient services at affordable cost.

To reach us please feel free to use to the addresses below.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 7 Simbiat Abiola ways Ikeja-Lagos Nigeria

TELEPHONE: 017664092.

G.S.M: 08024467708, 08064004598 08099911691.

EMAIL ADDRESS: @yahoo.com, aopashi@yahoo.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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How to register your business with the Corporate Affairs of Commission of Nigeria

How to Start Property Business

lot of people think and have this believe that, you must have millions of Naira to start property business in Nigeria. This is not true! You can actually start your own property business in Nigeria with little or no capital and still make millions of Naira as commission earned from sales of landed property.
The Property business is very lucrative. Really, your shares in the stocks market can crash at any given time without warning, cash saved in the bank can be affected by inflationary trends, but owning landed properties is the best and safest form of investment any day. For this is the reason, more and more people struggle hard to own lands and houses at all cost in commercial centers like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Kano.
For instance, the price of a landed property built or bought six months ago in Victoria Island Lagos for N50million Naira can actually be sold for N80million Naira to day due to high demand for property in this area.You can see that Property business in Nigeria is very profitable and with just little capital you can start it. Some people have become millionaires through sales of properties in highbrow areas like Leki peninsula, Victoria Island, Ikeja GRA and Ikoyi Lagos. You will be surprise to hear that most of them started with little or no start up capital few years ago.
To start property business you don’t need much capital! All you need do is to help property owners sell their lands and houses and get paid some commission. You are sure to receive up to 5% commission for every property sales you help to facilitate so, calculate for example 5% of N80million property sold through your links and see how much cash you stand to make from a single property deal. 
Property business I will repeat is very lucrative and you can actually start with at least N15, 000 and make millions of Naira regularly.
Therefore, to educate you more on how to quickly start property business with N15,000.
Watch out for future post that will reveal the following.
How to locate properties that will fetch you the millions of Naira as commission.
How to get high net worth individuals who can spend big money to buy landed properties.
How to negotiate with people and companies that who give you property to sell.
How to obtain C of O for landed properties.
Remain blessed.

How to Start Outdoor Catering Business in Nigeria with Small Capital.

Food is an essential part of human existence; we all need nourishment to maintain good health. Even those who people don’t have money to buy food must find one way or the other to eat.

Outdoor Catering Business

You will discover that now are days, most families in Nigeria eat out side their homes. This is because every one is so busy including house wives that no body stays at home to cook food for the family to eat.

Fast Food Business and ColdRoom for Lease in Lagos Nigeria.

The following property in Lagos, Nigeria are available for lease
A FAST FOOD BUSINESS AND EQUIPMENT located in Surulere, Lagos is available for lease.
Capacity. 250tonnes capacity cold room with office space.
Location of business. Alone Abeokuta express way Lagos is available for lease.
Also available for lease is a 700tonnes capacity cold room with ample office located immediately after the bridge at Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Petro filling station with all approval on three plots of land along Lagos Abeokuta expresses way.
2No 4bedroom duplex wings with boys’ quarters, behind Dideolu Estate, Ijaiye with registered conveyance.
6Plots of land at Sango-Ota/Nigeria, close to Bashy filling station, Temidire bus stop.
Uncompleted 2plat building (built up to roofing level) of three bedroom flat on a full plot off Atala road.
For their enquiries, please call. Hughes Partners 08032016947

How To Start Frozen Food Business


The ever busy life style of most families and lack of electricity to store perishable food stuffs in refrigerators in many homes have resulted in high demand for frozen foods products in Nigeria.

Demand for Frozen Food

The consumption of Frozen Chicken, Turkey and Fish in Nigeria is very high, especial in urban centers like Lagos, Kano, Portharcourt and Abuja etc. For example one kilo of frozen chicken in most markets and frozen food stores in Lagos is sold for between N650 to N1000 depending on size and location.

How to make 100percent profits selling Bulk SMS (Nigeria)

The use of bulk SMS is one cheap and effective means of sending information to a large number of people at once through their GSM phones in Nigeria. I never knew how effective sending bulk SMS is until recently when I started using it to send information to the GSM phones of my numerous clients. In fact sending Bulk SMS has really helped in directing huge traffic to my blog NaijaBizCom and also increased the sales of my information products. 

List of Approved and Prohibited Export Commodities (Nigeria)

Are you planning to start a profitable export business in Nigeria and don’t know which commodity to really ship to the UK, America and Asian countries.
Well, let me inform you that the federal government of Nigeria through its agency the federal Ministry of trade and commerce has recently rolled out a list of approved and prohibited items that can and can not be exported from in Nigeria.
This list is to serve as a guide to new comers and already established exporters, to know the different commodities they can ship out of the country and the ones they can’t.

How to start Potato Chips production business with N10,000 at Home In Nigeria.


Do you know that Potato chips production is another profitable business you can start right at home in Nigeria with small capital?
With the high rate of unemployment and increasing cost of living in Nigeria, I consider Potato chips production business as an easy way out of poverty and unemployment.