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5 Lucrative Ways to Use Whatsapp for Business


The simplicity of Whatsapp shouldn’t fool you into thinking its use is limited to mere casual chatter. Whatsapp can be a powerful and highly cost-effective business tool to those who know how to properly employ its features for business. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 lucrative ways to use Whatsapp for business.

For Customer Engagement and Support

Whatsapp is a great tool for delivering customer service and a great platform for customer engagement and support. Whatsapp’s SMS features and its ability to send images, video clips, documents, media and audio files make it a great tool for customer engagement and support; it can be used to engage customers and help increase sales as well as garner a good reputation for your business. Whatsapp is also a great follow up tool for converting business leads into repeat orders, and is a platform for you to also share regular updates about your business at little or no cost rather than through email or SMS. It’s also an effective, convenient and cost-effective way for customers to reach out to you when they have complaints or feedback on your products or services, rather than customers wasting time and spending hundreds of Naira on-hold, waiting for their calls to be picked on a customer care line.

How to Start A Business In spite Of Obstacles

On daily basis a lot of people come up with brilliant ideas and plans for setting up great businesses, but most of these ideas and plans die natural death due to either lack of finance, poor planning, poor execution, procrastination and lack of skill.
Do you have a plan to set up businesses of your own and don’t know how to go about it because of certain challenges? If so, don’t worry because in this article you will be motivated and also discover how to setup a business with ease (in spite of obstacles).
There are three levels of businesses one can setup (small, medium and large scale). But these businesses also have different setup requirements in terms of financing, equipment needed, space and project time execution etc.
Which ever level of business you desire to start you must take into consideration all that is needed to actualize it.
For example to start a medium or large scale business; the first thing you need do is ask yourself.
Do I have the financial resource and skills needed to execute this project?
And if I don’t have enough resources, how then I can get them?
Once you are able to provide answers to the above questions then you can go ahead to execute the plan for your medium or large scale business setup. But failing to get that done, means you have to change your plans to suit the resources you have at hand.
How to Start a Business in spite of obstacles (start on a small scale).
So stop complaining of your inability to start that business due to lack of capital. You can achieve your desired goal, if you choose to start a small scale enterprise with the little capital you have and watch it grow to become a big company.
How to Start a Business In spite of obstacles (Don’t give up make a move).
Martin Luther king once said “if can’t fly, run, if you can’t run, walk and if you can’t walk, crawl but by all means keep moving”  
Only when you take steps no matter how little they are that you can get to your destination. Know that most of those big businesses you see around in your environment were once small business concern destination.  
Start small now; you will one day become an industrialist of grate repute.
How To Start A Business in spite of obstacles (Quality thinking)
 “Good thinking, good product” A popular Japanese proverbs that emphases possibility thinking.
Even with a positive mind set towards rendering quality products and rendering quality service, I’m very sure you will make lots of money from customers.
See you at the top.

Seven Profitable Businesses you can Start, Even if you Don’t Have Money

The first thing that runs through the minds of many people the world over when it comes to starting a business of their own is capital (money).

Undoubtedly, money plays an important role in setting up a business but, money is not the only thing you can call capital in business. That piece of land of yours, your stocks in the stock exchange, equipment, machinery, skills and houses all have economic value and thus can be converted into capital to start a business.
If you lack physical cash, you can still achieve your dreams of starting a business of your own with your other assets (capital) like your skills. You can engage your skills to start a business of rendering useful services to people and get paid handsomely.
There are seven profitable businesses you can start right here in Nigeria or where ever you are located and still be able to generate unlimited income without capital (money), these profitable businesses you will discover in this as you read further.