Student Emergency Fund at University of Adelaide in Australia 2021

Applications are requested from qualified candidates for the Student Emergency Fund at University of Adelaide for 2021/2022 academic session.

The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 with a noble objective: to prepare, for South Australia, young leaders transformed by education, instead of birth or wealth, in a settlement free of outdated social and religious discriminations.

The University of Adelaide is a foremost research and academic institute, concentrated upon the discovery of new insights, the continuance of collaboration and the growth of the future generations of learned leaders. Being the third longest functioning university in Australia, the university is renowned for academic distinction together with cutting-edge and progressive learning, as it is rated among the top 1% of the world’s universities as regards academic excellence. At the domestic level, the University is known as a substantial supporter of the health, wealth and community life of South Australia.

The university recognizes exceptional performers among its strongest qualities. Adelaide counts over 100 Rhodes Scholars and five Nobel winners as part of their esteemed student body. Not only do they contend for scholars who are global leaders in their selected fields, but they also attract exceptional students who finish school well-equipped to pursue a successful career.

The University of Adelaide is devoted to excellence in teaching and staffing and is devoted to offering the best education to its scholars. It is also an international training facility.

Student Emergency Fund Description
Host University: University of Adelaide;
Host Country: Australia;
Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
Study Level: Undergraduate and Graduate Level;
Scholarship Worth: 2,000$;
Subjects available: All Subjects;
Eligible Nations: National and Foreign Students;
Application Deadline: The Scholarship is open all year.
The Student Emergency Fund is now obtainable for Undergraduate, Postgraduate foreign students in all disciplines at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

The University of Adelaide grants a scholarship award of up to $2,000 to eligible foreign and domestic students.

Eligibility for Student Emergency Fund at University of Adelaide
Candidates are expected to keep up with reasonable academic accomplishment;
Candidates must be able to display financial need in the short term, either for tuition or living expenses;
Candidates are expected to finish a minimum research program workload of three units per semester.
How to Apply for Student Emergency Fund at University of Adelaide
Candidates should be granted admission to the university in order to submit an application for this fund. They are required to provide a statement of at most 300 words detailing their financial assistance need and the manner in which the award would be utilised if successful. Candidates are required to register online and schedule a time to talk about their application with an Education Welfare Officer through Student Care, candidates need to send an email to or call 8313 5430. Lastly, hand in the requested and finished application together with all required supporting documents at student’s Education Welfare Officer Appointment.

If you would like to put in to the Student Emergency Fund, please:

Click on the “Apply” button
Print and fill out the application form
Schedule an appointment to talk about your application with an Education Welfare Officer (EWO) via Student Care (please send an email to or phone 8313 5430)
Hand in the filled out application form with supporting credentials at your appointment with the EWO
** Please make sure you have answered all questions, signed and dated the application form. Please also submit your bank account information at **

Required support credentials: Applicants should submit financial need proof, for instance, the details of a Commonwealth income-tested payment like Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY benefits or other information of financial status.

Admission Criteria: To take part in this scholarship award, candidates must meet the university’s admission criteria.

Language Criteria: In case English language is not the candidate’s primary language, they have to provide any proof of English adeptness: IELTS, TOEFL, or other reasonable proof.

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