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See List of Annual Scholarships from University of California Irvine

University of California Irvine or commonly called UC Irvine is one of the best universities in the USA. Based on the ranking data of several times ago, this is included in the top 30 best universities in the USA. Students who study here are not only from the US territory, but also come from many countries and continents in the world. Studying on this campus, everything is exciting because there are different exchanges of thoughts, ethics and cultures. Many graduates from this university are successful in their respective countries. It’s no wonder if many people have dreams of studying there.

Don’t worry about costs

For those of you, who want to study there, don’t worry about cost. Why? Because tuition fees are affordable, and if you have financial problems, there is a University of California Irvine scholarship offered. For those of you who are looking for scholarships from this campus here will be mentioned that there are a number of scholarship lists that you might apply.

Here the List of Annual Scholarships from UC Irvine

For those of you who are interested in knowing what scholarships are offered, there are actually two categories of scholarships namely undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Each has several types and names of their own scholarships, some of which are:

1) Undergraduate scholarships

First, scholarships are offered at the undergraduate student level. In this scholarship, there are several designations namely:

a. Freshmen

For freshmen, there are several categories and names of scholarships available and you can try applying, including the following:

  1. Brython P. Davis Scholarship
  2. La Verne Noyes Scholarship
  3. Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship
  4. The Regents’ Scholarships
  5. UCI Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
  6. Malcolm Stacey Memorial Scholarship
  7. Retirees Association Legacy Scholarship
  8. Stanley Behrens Scholarship

b. Transfer Students

For this scholarship, you can get some of them such as:

  1. John Ichiro Yasuda Memorial Scholarship
  2. The UCI XIV Dalai Lama Endowed Scholarship
  3. UCI Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

c. Current Undergraduates

  1. Dunicliffe Scholarship
  2. Engineering Undergraduate Award
  3. Fudge Family Scholarship
  4. Ching-Suei Su Scholarship
  5. Gary Guymon Scholarship
  6. Gilbert Geis Undergraduate Research Award
  7. Gregory A. Bogaczyk Memorial Scholarship
  8. Robin Shepherd Scholarship
  9. Roland Schinzinger Memorial Endowed Student Award
  10. Rosa Parks Award
  11. Rose Hills Foundation Undergraduate Science & Engineering Scholarships
  12. Sylvia Easton Memorial Scholarship
  13. UCI Alumni Association Distinguished Anteater Award

2) Graduate scholarships

Second, scholarships offered are for graduate or master level. There are several types of scholarships offered, in fact some of them are:

  • Graduate Students
  • Medical Students
  • Business Students
  • Law Students

When compared with other universities, maybe this is one of the universities with a very complete scholarship source. Because it’s complete, it’s very good for you to decide to apply for college at UC Irvine.

How to Apply / Important Link

To get the University of California Irvine scholarship, you must refer one by one the source of the scholarship based on the level of education. Why? That’s because there are different terms and conditions from one another. For more details, you can visit the following official link:

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