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Scholarship at University of Montréal in Canada

Scholarship Details
Apply for Scholarship at University of Montréal in Canada. The deadline for this application is 30th June 2021.

The University of Montreal accepts from students for the Research international awards. Also, the grant is available for foreign students who wish to pursue a research program in Doubly-decorated nanovectors for improved BBB translocation at UdeM.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligible Countries: Quebec and French citizens
Also, research program in Doubly-decorated nanovectors for improved BBB translocation
Likewise, to be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:
Holder of a recent MSc, engineering degree (or equivalent) in the fields of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biomaterials engineering, nanotechnology, or any field relevant to the project.
Additionally, long internship experiences (> 6 months) in a research laboratory. Cumulative total of 12 months or more.
Similarly, strong interest in the chemistry-biology interface.
Offered Benefits
The University of Montreal will provide an award amount of $ 20,000 per year in the form of a scholarship. The successful candidate must also agree to apply for all scholarship competitions relevant to their project. Thus, the annual amount could be increased depending on obtained scholarships.


With the agreement of the supervisor, the possibility of actively contributing to teaching (laboratory tutoring, lectures, exam supervision, etc.) which ensures significant additional income and educational experience.
Also, possibility of taking advanced courses (scientific writing, application, French, etc.) offered at the University of Montreal.
Likewise, co-supervision with an INSERM laboratory (Bordeaux, France) is very possible. Additionally, a scientific training stay of several weeks is envisaged (with additional funding).
Application Process
How to Apply: All interested candidates have to take admission in the research program and after that, complete a declaration form.
Send updated CV + cover letter + 2 reference letters + university transcripts to Gaëlle Roullin,
Also, admission at any time: application required 16 weeks before the start of the research project.
Similarly, students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English.

Apply Here

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