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Online Accredited Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

Psychology, the study of human behavior, is both fascinating and broadly practical. Your insights into why we do what we do can start here.

As demand for psychology expertise increases, you can prepare to launch or enhance your career with the Maryville online bachelor’s degree in psychology. Here, you can develop a strong foundation in contemporary psychology and graduate with applied experience in the field

In our online bachelor’s degree in psychology program, you can explore the broad field of psychology and social science by examining its major sub-areas. Once you establish your core knowledge, you participate in a social science research sequence, where you apply what you’ve learned toward your distinct research interests. You can work closely with faculty to generate new research.

Your online coursework surveys a broad range of psychology expertise to help you focus your interests. Courses cover human development through the lifespan, abnormal psychology, multicultural psychology, social psychology, biological psychology, and more.

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