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Meet The 20-Year-Old Nigerian That Made Academic History In Poland After Graduating With 5.0 CGPA

A 20-year-old Nigerian, has achieved an academic feat in far away Poland after graduating with a Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0 in Computer Technology from the University of Computer Sciences and Skills, Lodz, Poland.

Olukayode Mobolaji Oluwasona, was leading in first class from his first semester in 200-level programme in Babcock before he moved to Poland.It was gathered that this was under a special degree exchange programme arranged by Babcock University with the University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Lodz, Poland, where they remained ‘international students’ until the end of their four-year course, Vanguard reports.
Under the arrangement, they had to return to Babcock for their last and final year in 2016, during which they remained under the monitoring, supervision and mentorship of their lecturers in Poland.

Oluwasona and his colleagues were the pioneers in the four years old exchange programme between Babcock and the Polish institution.

At the 15th convocation ceremony of Babcock University on Sunday, June 4, 2017, Mobolaji drew a thunderous round of applause when he, alongside twelve of his colleagues that successfully completed the programme, were presented to the crowd, and he was announced to have made a grade of 5.0, with the best result in the programme.

Chancellor of the University of Computer Sciences and Skills, Mrs . Aniela Bednarek, was on hand to witness the presentation to Oluwasona of a Special Achievement Award for his superlative academic attainment.

Speaking on his feat, Oluwasona attributed the academic record to God and hardwork.
“By the time I was writing my final examination and defending my final year project, my CGPA was already 4.79. It was my final overall examination, which is a rigorous assessment of the totality of what a student could have learnt in all his four years of study, as well as the grading of my final year project, which was acclaimed to be the best, that shot me beyond the regular first class that I had already attained. The Examination Committee was so impressed, and that earned me the 5.0 CGPA/overall grade, which was acclaimed to be the highest in the whole school during the year’.

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