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How To Keep Rats Away From Eating Your Car Wires – Must Read

Rats they are omnivorous like all rodents, need to chew. Chew anything they can find to keep their incisors from growing through their jaws, but they find the wiring of cars particularly delicious chewing which translate into expensive repairs.

If by chance you happen to have some food stashed away in your car, that’s a bonanza for the rats. A car provides for plenty of chewing stuff like Plastic, carpet, seat fabric, anything.

Quick Tips To Spot Internet Scam – Must Read

Internet scam has become very rampant in recent times with the smartest of internet savvy people falling prey to the online marauders.

Despite the benefits derived from the internet, scammers have become a threat to everyone online.

Black Spaghetti. This Is What It Looks Like. Can You Eat This?

Hi friends see Black Spaghetti. This Is What It Looks Like. Can You Eat This Black Spaghetti? 

See More Photo Below.

How to Move Home Appliances Without Damaging Them

The most difficult items to move from home to home are your appliances. That said, when you want to take your appliances with you, a little planning will go a long way in helping you move while also mitigating stress often associated with the moving your appliances.

Consider these five tips shared by Jumia, Nigeria’s No. 1 Shopping Destination, to help you move your appliances.

Checkout 5 Ways To Remain Physically Attracted As A Man

These are 5 ways to remain physically attracted as a man if you must be in charge:

Study and experience has told me that if you ask a woman “what do you want in our marriage/relationship”? Most often, you will get a big lie. Fat lie. If you follow what she says bumper to bumper…. It will end in pain.

But men has observed and documented what keeps women happy.

1- Be a man. Be bold, be confident, be courageous… Put her in her place without flinching. She knows when she gets out of line and she expect it. If you don’t do this, you’re sowing the seed of future disrespect. Funny enough it can turn her on.

See 8 Types Of People Around You When You Start Making Money

Do you want to know the several types of people that will be around you when you finally start making money? Now you have to take a look at the latest sensation that has hit the internet in recent weeks about Davido and his supposed girlfriend Chioma.

This girl was a relatively unknown girl till she came in contact with the superstar singer Davido. All of a sudden she went from being unknown to a celebrity.

Six Easy Ways to Stay in Shape During Vacation

Vacation is the time to relax and have fun without the rigours of work. It will also be a time to switch off, unleash, and disconnect. You want a break from your diet, from the gym and your usual limitations.

But while you’re enjoying yourself, you tend to forget about keeping fit and in shape. This is probably because you are on vacation. Follow these tips shared by Jumia Travel, to stay in shape during your next trip

Five Hacks For Looking Fashionable on a Budget

Five Hacks For Looking Fashionable on a Budget

You do not need to break the bank all in the name of looking good. This is because you can still spend less and still appear fashionable.

The important thing here is how you wear what you have. Correspondingly, Jumia, the online store you can trust, shares ways you can look good or fashionable on a budget.