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Five Things Startups Can Do To Stand Out From Competition

There is no need for a business to be averse or scared of competition. This is because competition make businesses efficient and non-complacent. If you tend to always copy or imitate your competition, you will discover that your business model won’t be different and customers will patronise the other party.

Jumia, Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination has demonstrated over the years to be always ahead of the competition, especially in the area of innovation. It started as one vertical business. Presently, it operates in different verticals. It is, therefore, true that the biggest Jumia competitor in Nigeria’s eCommerce space is Jumia.

So, how can your startup or business stand out from the competition, just like Jumia? Read on to know the ways!

Create an online presence

One of the biggest mistakes most startups make is not building an online reputation from the onset of their business. Before you even launch your startup, your company needs to have a strong online presence. Use your online presence to spread awareness about your brand. Deliver information about your new company to your followers and keep them updated about the progress.

Provide excellent customer service

The one thing that can surely set you apart from your competition is how you treat your customers. Even if you are not in the service industry, you still need to treat your customers well. Customers dislike talking to representatives who have poor knowledge about the brand. You, therefore, need to train your team well.

Sell your Unique Selling Point

You should make sure that your customers are aware of the Unique Selling Point of your business and let them know what sets you apart from your competitors. Explain the problem your business has to tackle and why you are better than the other solution providers out there.

Be honest about what you’re offering

Honestly should be your business’s main policy. If you cannot deliver an order or a project by a certain deadline, you should tell your customer as soon as possible. If your field reps have messed up on a bid, immediately inform your client about the blunder. Taking your customers and clients for a ride can cost you immeasurably in the future. The faster you share bad news, the more your clients will respect you.

Give your product to the right influencers

Seek out influencers that are right for promoting your brand and send your product to them before it launches in the market. They will help you create awareness in your target community. You should only use influencers who will care about the purpose of your product and provide the Return on Investment (ROI) you are looking for.

See List of 47 Countries Nigerians Can Travel To Without Visa – 2018

A new visa access ranking, Henley Passport Index, compiled by global citizenship and residence advisory firm, Henley & partners citizens, has been released.

The index, which rates how many borders countries’ travel documents can cross without visas, placed Nigeria below her smaller West African neighbours like Chad, Niger, Togo and Cameroon.

Key Benefits of Mobile Payments to Increase Sales

Key Benefits of Mobile Payments to Increase Sales

When customers come to the register to pay for their meal or purchases, many can now simply hold up their mobile phones instead of pulling out a credit card. Mobile payment has really taken away the requirement that you have to build big systems and be a large company to be successful with technology.

In many ways, it is easier for small businesses to adopt mobile payment programs because they don’t have a large infrastructure to work through so small businesses can jump right in. Here are five ways of offering a mobile payment to your customers will help you increase sales:

Technology As a Catalyst For Financial Inclusion

Technology As a Catalyst For Financial Inclusion

Nigeria has come a long way when it comes to financial inclusion. We have gone beyond digging holes in bedrooms to bury money to keeping money in the bank. According to the Global Findex Database report by the World Bank, only 40 per cent of Nigerian adults have bank accounts. Sadly, the same report says that 118 million Nigerians do not have bank accounts. This means there is still so much to be done to boost financial inclusion in Nigeria.

What is financial inclusion? It is where individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs that are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. Financial inclusion is defined as the availability and equality of opportunities to access financial services.

The Total Number Of Eligible Voters In The 6 Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria

[right]The total number of eligible voters in the 6 Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria for the 2019 General Elections as registered by INEC are as follows; PVC

Five Fashion Hacks That May Affect Your Health

Five Fashion Hacks That May Affect Your Health

A lot of women suffer for their fashion, putting their bodies through things, and into things, that are not necessarily the ideal situations for the physical comfort.

Fashion can be a real killer sometimes, that’s what they say, but have you ever taken a second to think about the truth behind that statement? Are there things that you are doing with your clothing and accessories that might be causing you harm? Here are some fashion habits that may affect your overall look and even your health.

How Smartphones Have Disrupted the Way Nigerians Travel

How Smartphones Have Disrupted the Way Nigerians Travel

A smartphone is now an integral part of our lives. They’ve literally become ubiquitous, replacing quite a few of our day-to-day objects and bringing a whole new meaning to the term multitasking.

The travel industry is not immune from this smartphone phone disruption. How has smartphone changed the way people travel? Jumia, Nigeria’s leading online travel agency highlight some of the interesting ways.

7 Ways to Make Your Airport Experience Less Stressful

7 Ways to Make Your Airport Experience Less Stressful

Travelling through the airport can be a really stressful experience, but it really doesn’t have to be. Jumia, Nigeria’s leading online travel agency share simple tips that will help make your airport experience much more enjoyable.

Pack light

Making this simple change will completely transform your experience at the airport. Whether you’re travelling for two days or two months you can survive with just a carry-on luggage. Unless you are travelling with something big such as a bike or guitar, there is usually not a good enough reason to have to bring a checked bag with you on your trip.