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See The Samsung Galaxy A8 Series Full Specs & Price

Samsung Mobile haven intimated the public about its Galaxy A8 & A8+ series late December 2017; officially releases the smartphones.

Samsung ain’t setting the bar; they are the bar. Though, not much is really spectacular but it’s sure a welcome development in the smartphone world; and a better upgrade on previous series.

How Youths Can Influence The Government Using Social Media

Over the years with the emergence of social media we have had a tremendous change in the system which government operates and also information can easily be accessible from the use of our mobile devices other than the days of old where we can only access information from print media, television/satellite channels and radio stations with the government having little or no idea of how the people (youths & old persons) feel about their policies & system of government.

Government officials, agencies now have social media accounts which the general public can express their concerns by sharing their views, comments & suggestion using the various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and others.
Who are the youths? Just as the Nigerian youth policy (2009) defines youth as persons between 18-35 years. The youth charter declares that youth or young people shall refer to every person between the ages of 15 and 35 years while the United Nations defines youth as persons between the age of 15 and 24.

5 Smartphone Tricks To Make You More Productive

Many people have smartphones but they only use them to surf social media-Facebook, Instagram. What they do not realise is that their smartphone can do much more than surfing the internet.

You can use to become more productive. As such, whether you’re looking for an easier way to send that signed notice to your boss, or just want to stay focused on work when browsing the web, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlights smartphone tricks that will make you more productive.

Use your iPad as a second monitor

Add up the dozens of tabs crowding your web browser and the overflowing email inbox you’re catching up on, and there’s never enough screen space. It’s especially cumbersome if you’re trying to do those things on a small laptop. That’s where your iPad can come in handy—by doubling as a second monitor by using the Duet Display app, you can turn your iPad into a second screen for your Mac or PC.

Speed through voicemail with Google Voice transcriptions

Google Voice will automatically convert your voicemails into Gmail emails or text messages that you can read later, at your leisure. You can convert those Gmail messages you receive from Google Voice into to-do list tasks with Gmail plugin.

Use your smartphone to scan documents

Even if you tend to use email for work-related documentation, there may be occasions when sharing hard copy paperwork becomes necessary. Try a free app like Evernote Scannable or Adobe Scan to scan documents, receipts, business cards, forms and more by using your smartphone’s camera.

Turn off Notifications

There are lots of things that distract us while working. Your smartphone is the biggest culprit here. Thus, your phone will be buzzing almost every second and it will become a distraction. So, the best way to be productive is to turn off notifications.

Airplane mode isn’t just for airplanes

Airplane mode has a number of fantastic benefits that go far beyond the runway. For example, if you’re having trouble with your 3/4G signal when you clearly shouldn’t, just switch airplane mode on and then off, and your signal should be restored. Also, if you’ve been on-the-go all day and have 4% battery when you get back to the office, turn your phone on airplane mode and it will charge much faster. Lastly, if you’ve had a long day and send a text message to the wrong person, quickly turn on airplane mode and when the message fails to deliver, you can delete it and then actually send it to the correct person.

Fully Funded Scholarships at University of Alberta Canada, 2018

Deadline: February 15, 2018

 The University of Alberta is delighted to offer its Killam Trust Scholarships to pursue doctoral programme or thesis research during the fall and Winter Terms. The scholarship is exclusively open to international students.

The aim of the scholarship is to support international students who have completed at least one year of graduate work (master’s or doctoral level) before the start of tenure; tenure may begin on May 1st or September 1st.

Dear Blackberry Users Is Whatsapp Still Working On Your Phone?

I use blackberry Z10 and I was enjoying a wonderful conversation with friends on Whatsapp this evening all of a sudden this message appeared ” you can’t sent message to this Contact again because Whatsapp does not support this phone again”.

Are you also experiencing the same thing. Please share your experience and how one can get back WhatsApp in BlackBerry as I have tried updating or downloading a new one from blackberry world but to no avail.


Adekunle Gold Signs Deal With Unity Bank Nigeria

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold has put pen to paper on a new endorsement deal with Unity Bank Nigeria Plc.

The ‘Orente’ singer made the announcement on his social page and wrote:-

UNITY means the state of being joined together as a whole.

Be Careful: Checkout The 6 Mistakes That Can Push Your Lover Away

A new relationship can be as scary as it is dizzyingly exciting – you can self sabotage because you’re so into that person, that you occasionally act in crazy ways.

It’s hard to decode the other person’s emotions while trying to figure out your own. Slow your roll and take these tips in order to maximize your blooming relationship and cultivate a healthy foundation between you and your partner without scaring them off.

CIIN To Embark on Membership Drive

The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), is set to mobilise workers in insurance institutions to register with it in the next one year, its President, Mrs. Funmi Babington-Ashaye, has said.

Mrs. Ashaye, who spoke at the CIIN Elders’ Forum in Lagos, said this was aimed at enrolling about 3,000 members.

She said the Institute is in talks with the National Insurance Commission on the matter.

The president also said the creation of insurance awareness by the institute through enlightenment and education, was one of the critical strategies for rekindling Nigerians’ interests in the industry’s offerings, saying there was an information gap among the profession, industry and the public.