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Trump Declares National Emergency, Bans Huawei, ZTE

Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Wednesday, banning Chinese telecommunications companies such as Huawei and ZTE from selling their equipment in the US as he claims they pose “unacceptable risks”. Technology or services “designed, developed, manufactured or supplied” by

Dubai Police add Maserati to Crime-fighting Fleet

Police in Dubai have unveiled the latest supercar to join their crime-fighting fleet – a Maserati GranTurismo. The £82,000 high-speed car will serve the force in the oil-rich city alongside a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari FF, and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

New Video Of Russian plane Crash, Shows jet Bouncing along Runway

The horrific Moscow plane inferno which killed 41 was caused because the crew was so used to deploying autopilot that they made elementary errors when they had to fly manually.  …. Russian plane Crash An expert claimed that the experienced

Checkout Dubai Police Officers Sharing Refreshments To Road Users Stuck In Traffic – Photo

Dubai Police Officers Sharing Refreshments To Road Users Stuck In Traffic – Photo These are Qatar police officers sharing refreshments to road users stuck in traffic to break their fast!

Emir Of Kano: His 2 Rolls Royces At The Center Of The Controversy (PHOTOS)

Of late, Kano state has been the focus of most socio-political discussions in Nigeria. Below are the photos of the two Rolls Royces (Phantom and Ghost) at the centre of the controversies. These discussions have been centred around the recent

OnePlus 7 Pro available for reservation in China

Just a day before its official launch, the OnePlus 7 Pro has made its way to Chinese online retailer, which is accepting reservation. Those who are interested in purchasing the phone can sign up and will be notified when the phone

Visa Inc Acquires Earthport

Visa Inc. has announced its acquisition of Earthport, a company that provides cross-border payment services to banks, money transfer service providers and businesses via the world’s largest independent ACH network. Today, nearly $80 trillion (US) of money is sent via

Apple iPhone XR’s successor to bring two new colors

One of the key features of the iPhone XR is the wide range of bright colors and Apple is reportedly working on further improving that in its successor. Two new paint jobs will be coming to replace two of the current ones.

FbStart Accelerator Program for Innovative Startups (Up $20,000 in Equity-free Funding) – Apply

The FbStart Accelerator is a 6-month research and mentorship driven program for innovative and visionary teams daring to create solutions with advanced technologies. The accelerator provides these teams with the support they need to build and optimize value driven products

Jawbone’s Hosain Rahman has raised $65 million more after After burning through $1 billion

Not everyone gets a second chance in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneur Hosain Rahman has been given many more than that. Though his last company, Jawbone, which produced wireless speakers and Bluetooth earpieces, went kaput in 2017 after burning up $1 billion in venture