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5 Tips to stay safe online

Avoid Awoof WIFI
Don’t just jump on free WiFi at restaurants, coffee shops, and other public places,
forgetting that the network may have been compromised and that could give a fraudster all the time he needs to collect all your data.

TECNO sponsored 4 Nigerians to an all-expense paid tour to Dubai, Seychelles

Popular phone maker TECNO has over the years established itself as a brand that places customer satisfaction and loyalty at the core of its service delivery. This is why the company organizes numerous life-changing activities for its fans and customers, like the TECNO Light Your Dream, Camon Selfie King and Queen, thousands of Give-aways on social media, and many more to come soon.

OPPO to invest $1.43b in R&D for smart mobile technology

In 2019, OPPO will focus increased investment in the areas of 5G, artificial intelligence and smart devices.

OPPO recently announced its plan to spend about $1.43billion on Research and Development (R&D) in 2019, so as to improve the company’s technological capabilities.

Porsche warns of Brexit price hike on UK cars

Porsche customers in the UK should brace for a price hike of up to 10 percent in case of a hard Brexit, the luxury German carmaker warned Monday.

The company said it had taken the “precautionary step” of informing customers whose cars are due to be delivered after March 29, the day Britain leaves the European Union, that they could become more expensive if new border tariffs are imposed.

Why you Must Update Your Phone Software Regularly

Check out reasons  Why you Must Update Your Phone Software Regularly.                                       Software upgrades, which have now become synonymous with smartphones, are essentially little updates for smartphone’s operating system that allows the device to perform at its optimal level

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone because it is very much affordable. According to the Jumia Nigeria Mobile Report, in 2014, phones sold on Jumia have priced an average of $216 and by 2017 this price had gone down to $100. In Africa, the price dipped from $165 to $96 in the same period.

Four Reasons to Prepay For Your Online Orders

Despite the efforts of the Central Bank of Nigeria in ensuring that Nigeria becomes a cashless society, some Nigerians still prefer to settle transactions via cash notwithstanding whether it is online or offline.

Regardless, businesses in the country are doing their utmost best to encourage Nigerians to pay online. A business that is effectively doing this is Jumia. Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination has put various measures in place to encourage Nigerians to prepay for their others. Hence, there are so many reasons for you to prepay for your online orders. We discuss some of these reasons.

It is safe

This works both ways. This is because carrying cash around is quite risky. So, it is better to prepay for the order and the only thing you have to do on your part is to be available to receive the order or assign someone to collect it on your behalf.


Prepaying for your orders is one of the best ways to enjoy a discount. When you shop on Jumia and prepay for your order with Jumia Pay, you will get 5% off upon checkout. This combined with other discounts you get on the platform will ensure that you are paying far less than the actual cost of your order.

Quick refunds

When a customer returns a product or an order; they expect their refund as soon as possible. And of course, it does not have to necessarily refund only, it can be for cancellation. If you want to get your money ASAP, you should use Jumia Pay. The refund will be sent your Jumia Pay account and you can decide to withdraw the money into your account or use it to purchase another item. Very easy!

Reliable online payment

When e-commerce started in Nigeria, cash on delivery was the only way to trust sellers that customers had never seen before. With cash on delivery, the customer had an assurance that their product was coming, no matter what. Thanks to technology, customers can now pay online and of course, they are very safe and reliable as eCommerce businesses regularly updating their security tech.

Power Ministry Budgets N168million For Fuel, Generator 

The 2019 budget proposal revealed that at the headquarters of the power ministry, a total sum of N26.6m was budgeted for maintenance of plants/generators, while plant/generator fuel cost was put at N16.3m.

An analysis of the 2019 budget proposal of the FMPWH that was recently submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly showed that the ministry and its agencies had proposed to spend N167.96m this year on the purchase, maintenance and fuelling of generators/plants.

The FMPWH headquarters also made a budget proposal of N50m for the purchase of generators.

The National Rural Electrification Agency proposed to spend N488, 000 on the maintenance of plants and generators, while N1.55m was budgeted as fuel cost for its plants and generators.

In its 2019 budget proposal, the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency’s headquarters proposed to spend N2m on maintenance of plants and generators. It plans to spend N4m to fuel the plants and generators in 2019.

The National Power Training Institute made a proposal of N1.5m for the maintenance of plants and generators and intends to spend another N1.5m for the fuelling of the equipment.

The Nigeria Electricity Liability Management Limited proposed N2.3m and N3.31m for the maintenance and fuel cost of plants/generators respectively, while the Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation, under the works arm of the FMPWH, proposed N3.1m and N5.84m for the maintenance and fuelling of its plants/generators in the 2019 fiscal year.

The Federal School of Survey, Uyo, only budgeted for the maintenance of generators/plants at a cost of N1m, while the Federal Road Maintenance Agency’s proposal for maintenance of plants/generators and fuel cost were put at N1.62m and N10.59m respectively.