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ZOOM Downloads Increase 1,270% from Employers Working from Home

Data gathered by indicates that downloads for video conferencing and online meetings platform Zoom dramatically increased by 1,270% between February 22 and March 22. The spike in downloads is due to many people working from home as a result of the Coronavirus.

Global AI Software Market to Grow Five Times and Reach $126bn Value by 2025

One in five workers in a nonroutine job will rely on artificial intelligence (AI) for at least part of their role, according to forecasts. The growing volume and complexity of business data have forced many firms across a variety of industries to adopt AI to boost growth.

Mobile Games to Hit $56.6bn in Revenue by 2024

The global mobile games industry maintains its remarkable growth with no signs of stopping in the future. According to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews, the entire mobile games market is expected to hit $52bn in revenue in 2020, increasing by 6.2% year on year. The rising trend is set to continue in the following years, with the overall market revenue reaching $56.6bn value by 2024.

Mobile Games Revenue Increased Nearly 20% in Three Years

In 2017 mobile games generated $44.2bn profit, revealed the Statista survey. Over the next two years, this figure jumped to $49bn globally. The statistics indicate that the entire mobile gaming market is forecast to show an annual growth rate of 2.1% in the next four years. The average revenue per user currently amounts to US$35.16, and this figure is expected to fall to $32.66 by 2024.

The Number of Identity Theft Reports in the US Jumped 45% and Hit Over 650,000

Millions of people in the United States fall victim to identity fraud, identity theft, and other types of deception each year, both knowingly and unknowingly. Although recent years have witnessed an increasing awareness about the protection of personal data, the statistics show identity theft crimes in the US are on the rise.

Top 3 European Countries Hit 100,000 GDPR Data Breaches so Far

Although GDPR has produced a massive shift in personal data protection, European countries are faced with the increasing number of data breaches. According to data gathered, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK topped the European rank for the number of data breaches, with more than 100,000 reported cases in total so far.

Netherland Has the Highest Number of GDPR Data Breaches

The EU’s General Data Protection

Antivirus Would Have Saved These Business $71 billion in 2019 – Must Read

Data gathered and calculated by shows that some businesses could have saved about $71 billion by having an effective antivirus solution. The affected businesses saw millions of records exposed due to poor security.

Bmobile selects Tecnotree for BSS Transformation

Finland – January 29, 2020: Tecnotree, the global provider of IT solutions for the telecom industry, today announced that Bmobile, a leading telecom provider in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in the Asia Pacific, has selected Tecnotree for their Business support system (BSS) transformation project to improve customer experience, enhance revenue growth, reduce cost, and consolidate the BSS platforms across both the countries.

Iphones Are More Prone To Hacking Than Other Brands – New Study

UK-based phone case company has conducted a research which concludes that iPhones are 167 times more prone to hacking as compared to other brands. The report analyzed the monthly search volume data from Google in the UK, which was based on the number of users searching for hacking a smartphone brand or app.

Spam Messages Make 55 % of Global E-mail Traffic in 2019

With more than half of the world population using e-mail, the total number of e-mail messages sent and received per day is expected to reach nearly 295 billion in 2019. According to research, spam messages account for more than half of that amount, making 55 percent of global e-mail traffic in this year.

China Generates More Than 20 Percent of Global Spam E-mails

The 2019 data show China generates 20.43 percent of all spam e-mails, which makes it the largest source of spam globally. During this year, 13.37 percent of global spam volume was created from IPs based in the United States. With a 5.6 percent share, Russia ranked third on this list, followed by Brazil and France. Germany generated 2.95 percent of global spam volume, while countries like India, Turkey, Singapore, and Vietnam hold around 2 percent share.

MS Office Represents 73% Of The Most Commonly Exploited Applications Worldwide released a report in which they explained that the most commonly exploited applications worldwide this third quarter were linked to MS Office. Most of these attacks came from the United States followed by the Netherlands and Germany, among others.

MS Office Affected By Attackers

The security site informed that MS Office has represented 73% of the most commonly exploited applications around the world in Q3 2019. The report shows that Browsers were also affected with 13.47% of the total number of exploits performed by criminals and attackers.