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OMG !!! 9-Year-Old Girl Bitten To Death By A Cobra On Her Bed In Thailand – Photo

A nine-year-old girl was killed after after being bitten on the index finger by a cobra as she slept in Thailand.

Prapawee Prawat went to sleep on a mattress laid out on the concrete floor of her family home in Surat Thani, Thailand, at 7.30pm on Tuesday night.

Her family walked in on Wednesday morning to find her lifeless body lying near the deadly two-metre snake.

African Cherry Provides Novel Cure for Drug-Resistant Infections, Malaria

New studies have shown that extracts of the leaves and stem bark of African cherry could be used effectively to treat drug-resistant infections; and may hold the key to new and effective alternative antimalarial medicine.

A new study has established the possibility of developing antimicrobial agents of natural origin to manage possible infection from vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) that are now developing multi-resistance against many antibiotics.

Buhari’s Son Undergoes Brain Surgery

President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, has undergone a successful brain surgery, according to the Guild of Medical Directors.

The Guild’s president, Prof. Femi Dokun-Babalola, disclosed this in a statement made available to Daily Sun in Abuja, yesterday.

UK Mom Forced To Lose Weight After Discovering She Was Fatter Than Santa

Jo Parkes is celebrating being slim and ‘elfy this year after she grew fatter than Santa. The 32–year-old mum of two, was shamed into slimming after mortifying snaps of her with Father Christmas showed she was rounder than the man himself.

After other humiliating pictures showed that at a size 30, weighing 23 stone, Jo was also bigger than a giant snowman– she vowed t o lose weight.

What I Did To Make My Health Improve – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari today gave a hint of what he did to make his health improve significantly following several months of illness.

Recall the president travelled to the UK twice earlier in the year for treatment of his undisclosed ailment, spending over hundred days.

Checkout 5 Nutritious Foods That Slows Ageing

There are certain foods that could slow ageing by improving your metabolism and boosting your energy. So, even by the time you hit forty, your skin will still appear smooth with little or no wrinkles.

Accordingly, Jumia Food identifies anti-ageing food you should be eating.

Drinking A Cup Of Tea A Day Could Prevent A Leading Cause Of Blindness – Researchers

Drinking a cup of tea a day could prevent a leading cause of blindness, a study has discovered.

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles found tea-drinkers were 74% less likely to suffer glaucoma.

5 Everyday Foods That Are Healthier When Eaten Raw

5 Everyday Foods That Are Healthier When Eaten Raw

When making healthy meals, most of us don’t think about whether or not cooking our food affects its nutrition. Although, some foods can be more nutritious when cooked, there are other foods that are healthier when consumed raw.

This is because heating can destroy certain nutrients. As such, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No 1 food ordering platform identifies some of the foods that are healthier when eaten raw.