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How To Prevent Corona Virus In Your Workplace

What every African and the business community can do now to decrease the spread of the corona virus.

With the Corona virus (COVID-19) moving steadily across the globe, and with the President of United States of America (USA) states of emergency, it is essential that organizations stay informed and have a strategy in place for their business, workplace and workforce.

CoronaVirus Becomes World’s Most Costliest Epidemic, at over $62 Billion, New Report Reveals

A new report compiled by has revealed that the CoronaVirus is projected to be the costliest epidemic since 2000. Data indicates that by the first quarter of 2020, the virus is expected to cost China about $62 billion, an equivalent of 2% of the country’s GDP.

Serum neurofilament is a discriminative biomarker between frontotemporal dementia and psychiatric disorders

Early symptoms of frontotemporal dementia are often confused with symptoms occurring in psychiatric disorders. Reporting their findings inJournal of Neurology, Finnish researchers from the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Oulu show that serum neurofilament levels can be used as a diagnostic tool to differentiate between these conditions.

New study challenges our understanding of premature ageing

Disturbances in the function of mitochondrial DNA can accelerate the ageing process in ways that are different than previously thought, according to a new Finnish study published in Nature Metabolism. Offering a new perspective to ageing, the researchers suggest that accelerated ageing is the result of abnormal cell nucleotide levels and compromised nuclear DNA maintenance. The study was conducted in collaboration between the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Helsinki.

Physical Activity and Good Fitness Improve Cardiac Regulation in Children

A recent Finnish study showed that more physically active and fit children have better cardiac regulation than less active and fit children. The study also showed that cardiac regulation was better especially in boys with better aerobic fitness and in girls with lower levels of sedentary time.

The results, based on the Physical Activity and Nutrition (PANIC) Study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland, were published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

A novel T-cell subset associated with type 1 diabetes

A study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland demonstrated that a recently described T-cell subset, so-called peripheral T helper cells, may have a role in the development of type 1 diabetes. The frequency of circulating peripheral T helper cells was observed to be increased both in children with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes and in healthy children who later progressed to type 1 diabetes. The study was published in the journal Diabetologia.

Checkout 4-Ingredient Juice Recipe to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Want to avoid the problem of diabetes? Please the article below.

Diabetes is a serious health condition which can occur when your blood sugar levels, or blood glucose, gets too high and affects your overall health.

We get glucose from the food we ingest and our body uses it as a primary source for energy. The pancreas is responsible for insulin production and this hormone then enables the glucose from our food to get to our cells which they use for energy.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Cancer: This Is What Everyone Must Know

For all the modern scientific discoveries we have relating to health why is cancer such a huge problem? Because the cancer prevention we KNOW works has not made it through the mainstream media and health bodies.

Cancer diagnoses in the last 50 years have skyrocketed with no small coincidence at the same time that our diets and lifestyles have drastically taken a turn for the worse.

See How Jumping 10-Minutes A Day Can Make You Fit And Healthy

Did you know that jumping regularly has so many health benefits? Chance are, you did not. But don’t feel surprised at that as many among us are not aware about anyways. We can’t believe that anything as simple as jumping can help us stay healthy and fit.

Checkout Top 10 Healthy Drinks Best For Your Body

Have been trying to stay healthy without result? If  yes, then you needn’t worry much as you can do it with much ease. There are many health supplements that you will be tempted to try.

But, don’t! Instead, you should try some of the drinks that are completely natural and very healthy.