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Traders Caught Mixing Sniper Insecticide With Beans -VIDEO

A group of traders were recently videos mixing a highly poisonous insecticide called ‘Sniper’ with raw beans meant for sale.

NGR gathered that the traders were seen packaging the poisoned beans for sale to other parts of the country or export. Eyewitness, Debola Akingbade wrote;

Bill Gates Unveils Futuristic Toilet That Turns Human Waste To Fertilizer (Photos)

One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, on Tuesday, unveiled a futuristic toilet in Beijing, that doesn’t need water or sewers and uses chemicals to turn human waste into fertilizer.

The Microsoft Corp co-founder, who a day earlier was one of the high profile guests at a major trade event in Shanghai, also lauded the globalized and free trade systems that made the toilet technology possible.

Nigerians Scramble For Made-in-Ghana Soup At Lagos Fair

Ghanaian entrepreneurs are making serious fortunes, selling sachet soup, known as “Shito” at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair, with special innovations.

Many women were seen on Wednesday besieging the Ghana stand at the fair, to buy Shito, packaged in 500 grammes and selling for N1,000 per sachet.

SMEs As the Key to Unlock Nigeria’s Economic Potentials

Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs), are now strategic and essential for accelerating economic growth in Nigeria. SMEs constitute about 90 per cent of all the businesses in Nigeria, creating more than 80 per cent of employment in the region.

The contributions of SMEs to the Nigerian economy cannot be overstated. The scale of this transformation should not be undermined.

Supporting SMEs in Nigeria to flourish is crucial because it creates a growing middle class with disposable income, in relation to market opportunities for new investors.

Nigerians Queue To Buy Made-In-Ghana Garri

Some Nigerians were seen on the scrambling for ‘Made in Ghana Garri’ at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair.

The product, which was neatly packaged in a 125 grammes sachet and labeled “Crispy Gari Mix’’, was on display at Ghana stand at the Fair.

Nigeria Losses $500m Annually In The Maritime Sector

Mr Greg Ogbeifun, President, Ship owners Association of Nigeria (SOAN) said on Friday that Nigeria losses 500 million dollars annually to foreign shipping operators in the country.

He told reporters in an interview in Abuja that Nigeria tax policies and levies were affecting the maritime business.

Youth entrepreneurship support programme in Nigeria

Everyday more and more young Nigerians want to help their country and to improve the situation with the unemployment in their native land. Fortunately, Youth Entrepreneurship Support programme in Nigeria provides them with a chance to start their own businesses. Keep reading if you want to know more about how this program helps young Nigerian entrepreneurs to succeed!

Apple Loses Its $1tn Crown As Shares Fall

Apple briefly lost its $1tn valuation on Thursday when its shares fell 7% in after-hours trading despite posting record results.

The tech giant’s strategy of charging more for its phones has paid off, with revenues jumping in the last three months despite relatively flat sales.

Revenues rose 20% to $62.9bn year-on-year, and profits rose 31% to $14.1bn.