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Dell’s R&D Spendings Grew 5x to $4.9bn in the Last 5 Years

Data gathered by indicates that Dell Technologies’ expenditure on research and development has grown by five times in the last five years. According to the data, during the 2020 fiscal year, the expenditure stood at $4.9 billion.

Google Searches for Unemployment Benefits up 1,566% in the US

Data gathered by indicates that Google searches related to unemployment benefits in the United States have spiked by at least 1,566% over the last one year. The data further indicates the searches dramatically increased in March 2020.

Google Searches for Buy Stocks Up by 466% Worldwide

Data gathered by indicates that global Google searches for ‘buy stocks’ have spiked by at least 466% between March 31, 2019, and March 27th this year. According to the data, there was a significant spike in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases.

Global Bitcoin Mining Revenue Increased Ten Times in the Last Three Years

The impressive growth of cryptocurrencies over the last year was followed by a surge in coin mining, as a way of investing in virtual currencies without having to put down money for it.

Canada Cinemas To Distribute First African Film, “2 Weeks In Lagos” Across Four Cities

Nollywood continues to break boundaries as Nigerian film, “2 Weeks In Lagos “ by multiple award-winning director, Kathryn Fasegha becomes the first Nigerian movie to bag a Canadian cinema distribution deal.The original Lagos love story features top Nollywood actress such as Joke Silva, Toyin Abraham, Beverly Naya, Shaffy Bello, Deyemi Okanlawon, Efe Irele, Tina Mba, Uto Rosman and the likes. The movie also fused a little touch of Ghanaian flavour with one of Ghanaian most prominent actor, Mawuli Gavor.

TFL Continues to Promote Junk Food, Despite a Ban on Advertising

Investigations by have revealed that the London Underground is carrying 1,000s of junk food adverts through delivery firms despite an existing ban. In February 2019, the TFL alongside the mayor’s office banned junk food adverts across the London transport network in a bid to fight child obesity.

Junk Food Ads From Delivery Firms

The Number of Identity Theft Reports in the US Jumped 45% and Hit Over 650,000

Millions of people in the United States fall victim to identity fraud, identity theft, and other types of deception each year, both knowingly and unknowingly. Although recent years have witnessed an increasing awareness about the protection of personal data, the statistics show identity theft crimes in the US are on the rise.

European Union startups lag UK new business starts

European Union startups lag UK new business starts ahead of Brexit trade talks

The number of new businesses created across the European Union (EU) remained static, significantly below UK new business starts, as both sides jockey for position ahead of post-Brexit trade talks.

Top 10 US Largest Companies Fail To Make Top 40 Sustainable Business

Data gathered by indicatesthat none of the top ten largest public US companies made it to the top 40 category of most sustainable companies. Largest public US companies are ranked based on a composite score of revenue, profits, assets, and market value.

Tesla Increased Car Delivery Productivity by 40% in 2019

Tesla Increased Car Delivery Productivity by 40% in 2019

Data gathered by indicates that American electric car manufacturer Tesla increased car deliveries by 40% in 2019 compared to 2018. Tesla delivered a total of 367,200 vehicles worldwide compared to 2018’s 244,920 cars.