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SIM Recycling Rings Danger For Mobile Phone Users

Phone numbers are now often considered the “trust anchor” for end-user accounts. In some cases, a user’s valid phone number is their user name. But what happens when the very phone numbers that are used to verify and keep end-users secure are given up, recycled and assigned to a new person?

Global Cloud Kitchen Industry to Reach $2.3 Trillion Value by 2026

The global online food ordering industry maintains its rapid growth with a CARG of 9.8 % in a year per year time. Also known as “cloud” or “ghost” kitchen, the dark kitchen industry has already produced a tremendous impact on the food and drink market and transformed the business model of many retailers worldwide.

Vegetable Oil Mill Factory For Sale In Ogun State

FOR SALE: Vegetable oil mill factory at Sango ota Ogun State on 13 acres of land with C of O. seed, groundnut etc.
Price: ₦10billion (Negotiable)

Sale status: Currently functioning as it is basis.

The plant has 3 sections in the facility namely: Crushing plant, Solvent extracting plant & Seed preparatory plant.

Lekoil Secures $184m Funding For Drilling OPL : 310

Lekoil, the oil and gas exploration and production company with a focus on Nigeria and West Africa, has announced that it has secured $184 million funding for the appraisal drilling and initial development programme activities on the Ogo field within OPL 310.

Israeli Startup TriEye Collaborates with Porsche to Help Drivers “See” Better in Low Visibility Conditions

Israeli startup TriEye, whose Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology enhances visibility in adverse weather and night-time conditions, announced a collaboration with the German sports car manufacturer Porsche, to further improve visibility and performance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).

Nigeria Set to earn N48b yearly from cowpea production

The Executive Director, Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR), Prof. Mohammed Ishiyaku, has said Nigeria stands to gain N48 billion annually if one million hectares of the newly released Pod Borer Resistant (PBR) cowpea is grown.

The National Committee on Naming, Registration and Release of Crop Varieties in the country recently met in Ibadan and approved the PBR Cowpea for release to farmers after naming it SAMPEA 20-T.

6 Facts You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Consulting Business

A lot of the specialists have visualized about beginning their individual consulting firm. This is an amazing career pathway. Get the required customers, be your own boss, do overwhelming stuff, and earn a lot as consulting develops to be no glamorous or easy. It’s total hard and tougher than you may think. There are numerous business concepts that can be applied by individuals who wish to be the boss of their own companies. The key to achievement in business lies in doing what you like to do and taking a specialized attitude to it. At times, the best to do this is to look for an advisor to assist you with your idea. As work procedures become more multifaceted, and our budget becomes progressively globalized, the requirement for good consultants increases.

Global Plant Protein Market to Reach $27.9 Billion in Revenues by 2025

Global Plant Protein Market to Reach $27.9 Billion in Revenues by 2025

The increasing popularity of vegan trends and the acceptance of flexitarian diets have tremendously affected the global demand for plant protein foods. According to research, the global plant protein market is expected to grow significantly in the following years, and reach $27.9 billion value by 2025.

Israeli startup Codota acquires Canada’s TabNine for accelerating software development using AI

Codota, backed by Silicon Valley’s Khosla Ventures, uses AI to help programmers code faster with fewer errors

“Codota’s acquisition of TabNine is a step towards the future of software development,” says Vinod Khosla

TEL AVIV, Israel – Codota, a leading platform for AI-assisted software development, has completed the acquisition of TabNine, a popular code prediction tool. The acquisition creates a comprehensive AI platform for software authoring, as well as the only one which fully supports nearly all popular programming languages – Java, JavaScript, Python, C, HTML as well as many others. Codota’s platform already serves hundreds of thousands of developers every month and the number is doubling every few months.

Shell plc signs innovative $10b revolving credit facility

ROYAL Dutch Shell Plc has signed a $10 billion revolving credit facility. The new facility replaces Shell’s existing $8.84 billion revolving credit facility and is provided by a syndicate of 25 banks.

The oil giant said in anticipation of the cessation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), this is one of the world’s first credit facilities linked to the new Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). Also, in a first for Shell, the interest and fees paid on the facility will be linked to Shell’s progress towards reaching its short-term Net Carbon Footprint intensity target, as published in its Sustainability Report.