5 Free Online Courses With Certificates

For many people, online courses are now the norm and not the exception. There has never been a growing hunger for knowledge as there is in this generation and the reason for this is obvious. The modern workplace is increasingly knowledge-intensive. The average person is now required to understand and use a level of knowledge that was demanded of geniuses in the past. Free online certificates are a gift to this knowledge generation.

To meet up with this demand for knowledge, people are leveraging on the technology of the day to update their knowledge at a very fast rate and that is where online courses come in. To fill the knowledge gap at the rate they occur, many people are embracing free online courses but it is not very encouraging to take a course without a certificate to show for it , so schools are now offering certificates free online courses with certificates .

Free Online Courses With Certificate of Completion
There’s nothing as exciting as being able to complete a free course from the comfort of your home and to obtain a certificate as a proof. This offer has attracted those who never took online courses seriously but more importantly, it has reduced the drop out rate which was very high in online courses. The motivation to stick with the course to the end and fulfil all requirements is now the certificate that will be offered free of charge. In other words, many see the discipline required of them as a small price to pay for the free knowledge and free certification.

Best Free Online Courses With Printable Certificates
Now your CV can reflect your new acquired knowledge in an online course. There are some really great courses that can now be obtained with a certificate of completion to go with it. We will be going through a list of some of these courses. For those who are looking for online courses that don’t ask you to pay a few dollars for a certificate we have got you covered. The list that now follows is yours .We will mention the courses and the platform where it if offered so you can go lookout up. There are many online platforms where free online course are offered.

Google Analytics
This course is offered by Google. In world where Digital skills are become very important , you can use this opportunity and become a digital native. The google analytics course will introduce you to important concepts and hand you practical skills on how to implement tracking codes, set up data filters and create accounts on the google console. This skill are now in high demand and will boost your potentials. It will take about 4-6 hours to complete and you will receive a free digital certificate on completion .

Machine Learning.
Machine learning is an important branch of data science which trains the computer to act without a human program. This is one of the hottest areas in tech right now and this course offers you a free training . It will take about 56 hours to complete and the certification is free.

Provider platform; Coursera.

Coding for Designers
This course is for those who already have a working knowledge in graphics design but they don’t need to have any prior knowledge of programming. It is a free introductory course to HTML, JavaScript and CSS for graphic designers. It will take 60 course to complete and the certificate is free.

Provider platform; Coursera

Deep Learning .
This is an online computer course which is apart not deep learning which is inspred by the neural network of the brain and its used to solve complex problems . I will take 60 hours to complete and it is completely free.


In the information age, access to a fast and reliable knowledge is paramount. Free online courses

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