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Health Benefits Of Drinking Palm Wine

Palm wine is a popular native drink in Nigeria and other countries like, the Philippines. Its a sweet tasty sap wine gotten from a wounded palm tree through the process of tapping.

Palm wine is very beneficial to human health if only we consume it fresh and pure. It is sweet but in 24 hours, it can become sharp and sour.

Usually, sellers add water, preservatives and sweeteners in other to increase the quantity and to extend its shelf life and this is not good for human health.

Palm wine also undergoes the process of fermentation, it is very beneficial to human health when consumed fresh and fermented. These benefits are,

Promote lactation.
Palm wine helps to stimulate breast milk production, especially with mother’s who put to birth but has limited breast milk production.

Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases
Palm wine contain potassium which contribute to the development of a healthy hearts and also reduces or brings down hypertension

Helps to maintain healthy nails, skin and hair
Palm wine contain minerals that repairs tissues and promote healthy cells growth. Minerals like iron and vitamin B complex.

Helps in eye sight
Palm wine contain vitamin c, vitamin B1 and antioxidant which helps in maintaining a good eye health.

Helps fight against cancer
Palm wine contain riboflavin ( vitamin b2 ) which helps to fight against free radicals

Please note, to get maximum results, drink moderate amount of palm wine and drink responsibly

Also, do not drink fermented palm wine in excess because it contain more alcoholic percentage than the normal alcoholic drinks that are sold in stores. Excess alcohol destroys the kidney and increase the risk of hypertension

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