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Blend Cucumber & Banana Together, Then Drink It On An Empty Stomach Every Morning. See What It Does

Blend Cucumber & Banana Together, Then Drink It On An Empty Stomach Every Morning. See What It Does

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Good day Everyone. In this article, we will be talking about the health benefits of cucumber and Banana Smoothie.

Cucumbers contains numerous Vitamins while Banana is also a healthy fruit that is Very common in our environment. But little do we know this fruits has a lot of health Benefits and in our modern day life, where we are at risk of picking up Diseases from the environment, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Mixture of Cucumber and Banana allows that and gives us other health benefits.


“Picture Used For Illustrative Purpose”

Blend the Ripe Banana In a clean cup and cut the cucumbers into good shapes you can also decide to also blend the Cucumber and mix it with the Banana.


“Picture Used For Illustrative Purpose”

Drink half cup On An Empty Stomach Every Morning

What Does This Mixture Does To The Body?

Helps To Keep The Blood In Check

This Mixture contains Potassium and Potassium helps in Regulation of blood pressure through Renin Angiotensin Mechanism.

Boost The Immune system

This Mixture Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin C are important for the Adequate functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C plays a role in wound Healing, and Blood Clothing.

Prevents Ageing

This Mixture contains Natural water which Nourishes the Skin and Gives it a healthy Appearance. The vitamin C contained it also makes the skin looks shinny.

Aids Digestion

This Mixture is a good source of Fiber and they helping in easy movement of bowels along the gastro intestinal tract. They also prevents constipation and helps in the easy passage of stools.

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