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See Why You Be Careful When Making Transactions at POS Terminals

With the high rate of mobile phone theft and bank fraud in the country, it’s therefore very important for every bank account holder to be very careful when making a transaction at a POS terminal.

Some mischievous POS agents can send your ATM card details to fraudsters.


When you go to a POS terminal to make a transaction, he/she will collect your ATM card and slot it into an ATM machine. After few seconds, he/she will tell you that the POS machine is malfunctioned (i.e not working properly). He/She will tell you that you should wait while he/she bring another POS machine inside.

When he/she goes inside, your ATM card will be snapped (including the surface and below) with a smartphone. He/She will surely come out with another POS machine, but you will not know that your ATM card had been snapped and sent to fraudsters! The fraudsters will now use your ATM card details and make transactions online!

Now that you know that POS agents can send your ATM card details to fraudsters and wipe out money in bank account, please be vigilant and also inform your friends by sharing this post on Facebook and twitter.

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