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Ikeja Electric Tariff Migration Token for Prepaid Meter Customers

Dear customers of Ikeja Electric distribution company Lagos, Have you been having challenges loading your prepaid meter tokens?
If yes please read through this post to see how to input your meter number to retrieve your tariff migration tokens for easy token loading.

Ikeja Electric (ie) Tariff Migration Token*

NOTE : The recent 100% hike in electricity tariff in Nigeria, means that power purchased for ₦1,000 before will now cost ₦2,000.

*Before September 2020, ₦1,000 power token will credit you 43.7 units (Kwh). But now, ₦1,000 will credit you only 22.8 units.*

However, that’s not the main reason for my writing because power tariff hike is in the public domain.

Ikeja Electric Tariff Migration Token for Prepaid Meter Customers

What’s not in the public domain is the *surprise* and *stress* that await you when you attempt to make your first reload after the month of November 2020.

*The Surprise*
Any token you load will give *error* message.

Do not panic. The token might not be a scam afterwards.
It’s because your prepaid meter requires a COMPULSORY upgrade.

As for me, I got the surprise and panic. You shouldn’t.

Read on for the solution.
But if you can’t wait, simply visit their nearest office.

*The Stress*
Visiting their office is a waste of time – at least in my area.

That’s because their office is characterized by crowd and the attendants might be overwhelmed and as usual the Nigerian factor will come in, where you maybe asked to pay bribe to get the token.

I went through the stress but you don’t need to and that’s why I am writing this.

Firstly, the upgrade you require is tagged:
*”Tariff Migration Token”*

Google it.
I believe the first two search results are the direct links to the token generation pages.

*1.* <== No More working please use the second link below)


Tariff Migration Token

*You will need your meter number to proceed.*

*Please note:*
There are 5 different meters being used by Ikeja Electric (ie).

*General Rules:*
If your meter number starts with:
23xxxxx…. use the 1st link. I’m certain.

04xxxxx…. use the 2nd link. (I’m also certain of this)

Only these 2 were specified. Others are speculations.

So, if the first link doesn’t serve you, check the second.

*1.* The site will require you to input your meter number. Input it and submit.
*2.* 2 “new tokens” will be generated.
Each token is a 20-digit unique number for your meter.
*3.* Copy the *1st* new token and input (load) it in your meter. When you get a “successful” message. Proceed to the next.
*4.* Copy the *2nd* new token and input (load) it in your meter. When you get a “successful” message. Proceed to the next👇🏽.
*5.* Input your purchased power token (credit).

*That’s all!*
Your meter is good to go!

*My Advice!*
Do not do activate your meter yet until you have exhausted your balance credit. That’s because the moment you activate it, the value of all your unused credit will be halved.

To identify which meter you use, follow the description below:

If your meter number starts with…
Your meter name is *Conlog*
Your meter name is *Unistar*
Your meter name is *EDMI*
Your meter name is *Mojec*
Your meter name is *Hexcel*

Ikeja Electric Tariff Migration Token  for Prepaid Meter Customers

Help share to relieve others of the surprise and stress

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