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Pension complaints and solutions

ETUK: My name is Etuk, the pensioner that you helped to receive her pension arrears that was skipped last year. I am still grateful to you till date. My second request was payment of my federal share of gratuity pending since May 2005 when I retired. Please help me to get this as you did last year. Etuk, Ministry of Health, Akwa Ibom State.

IYONKYO: I write on behalf of Mrs Iyonkyo and Ms Iyonkyo, Joint next of kins & admins of estate. They have been involved in the death benefits claim of the Late Mr Iyonkyo since 2006 when the late custom officer died. In 2008, the Nigeria Customs Service referred the case to PTAD where the beneficiaries attended a series of screening in Abuja. Nothing further was heard from PTAD despite several visits and enquiries until late last year when they received a letter dated June 10, 2019 directing the next of kins to liaise with the NCS, the deceased’s PFA and PENCOM to process their claim. The next of kins are confused and humbly request your help in getting to know how to go about the death benefits.

AMEH: My name is Ameh, a next of kin to late Mrs Ameh who worked in Federal Poly Idah and died on February 16, 2015. I was the husband with six children, the first two are in the Fed University Oye-Ekiti. All necessary papers were submitted in August 2015 but no single payment till now. We are in serious financial mess. Please help us.

MAIRIGA: I am a retired pensioner with federal share of gratuity. My complaint is none payment of arrears of gratuity for federal share since retirement in May 2009. Kindly help me

AKUTSE: My name is Akutse from Plateau State. I retired in August 1, 2010 with state pension. My complaint is nonpayment of gratuity and irregular payment of monthly pension.

AMPITAN: Please kindly use your good office to ensure my benefits are paid. I was verified with the PTAD on September 18, 2017 at Rowe Park Yaba, Lagos State and up till now I have not received my gratuity, monthly pension, and pension areas while those whom we did verification together have been receiving theirs. I discovered that I am not on the list. Please kindly save my soul as I am passing through a lot of life challenges as I cannot afford the basic needs of my life.

EDET: My name is Eyo, I retired on November 25, 2019 from Nigeria 1mmigration Service on GL 12. Please when will my money be paid.

RABIU: My name is Rabiu and I am the next of kin to my late mother. I have filed all the necessary documents since June 2018 and nothing is forth coming. Please we need the money to help the family. I hope you hear my cry and assist us. Thank you and God bless.

OJO: I am Mrs. Ojo from National Identity Management Commission. I have done verification since August 2016 but I have not been paid till date. I am helpless living a hard life. Please, kindly assist me so that I can take care of my health.

BERNARD: My name is Bernard, a state pensioner with federal share. I retired from service in September 2009 on grade level 15, step 9. I have done my verification and have done that which is expected of me, yet nothing is forth coming. I have not been paid gratuity or pension. Kindly help me get my little entitlement. Thank you.

BALANGA: Regarding my pension which I complained of since March 6, 2020, over two months now, I am yet to be paid. My PFA is indeed a terrible PFA. What should I do now? After I complained to them about my application being unnecessarily delayed, I got a text from them in April 20, 2020 saying that my application has been sent to PenCom for approval. Since then nothing good came from them. I regret choosing this PFA.

THE NATION: Etuk, Iyonkyo, Ameh, Mairiga, Akutse, Ampitan, Edet, Rabiu, Ojo, Bernard, Balanga. The Nation will intervene by sending your complaints to PenCom and PTAD. Do watch out for the newspaper publication next Wednesday for a response from the commission and subsequently every week for pension news.

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