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See What This Couple Were Caught Doing At The ATM Machine Stand While Others Were Still Waiting On The Queue

Please Take a look at the photo of the Couple causing fuss online, they were spotted at a bank ATM machine point recently.

We have often heard that wonders never end in Nigeria. As such, social media Keeps on Feeding Us with both adorable and Bizarre Incidents which happens around the Globe.

However, here is a photo of an unknown man and woman who have been causing quite a Stir on Social media, the picture contains a pair who was Caught on Camera locking their LlPS at the ATM Stand after they were done making use of the ATM machine.

This spectacular scene was witnessed at one of the Roadsides ATM stands. According to the Poster who shared this photo on Facebook, these Two persons continued with their Act regardless of other customers who waited patiently to make use of the ATM Machine.

Moreover, This photo of this Couple has sparked several Unusual reactions from Facebook Users. Many users Opined that the Lady got turned on as soon as she saw the Account balance of the Gentleman, While many other users said that this was a way of making the Gentleman Withdraw more money.

Take a look at the Couple causing fuss at the ATM machine stand below.

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