4 Strange Ways Women Behave When They Are Cheating On You

When people say men cheat, I laugh. Men cheat but women do a very clean job while at it. That is why you hardly notice that they are cheating on you. Women are so intelligent, wise, confident, smart and very careful when they do this ‘away match”.

So in this article, I will be revealing some of their tactics, strange behaviours that will tell you that she is cheating on you.

Without wasting your time, below are the four things married or engaged women do when they are having a secret affair with someone else.

1. They will be receiving all calls in your presence howbeit codedly.

Contrary to what people think, if they are cheating they will answer phone calls in your presence howbeit codedly like as if a colleague called. The ‘man side chick’ knows she is entangled but the raging emotions will not let him be that why he called.

Other times, she may pick the call and tells the person at the receiving end off and when you ask her, she would say some guys trying to woo her. That’s strategy.

Do you know that guys you both do talk ill of? That’s who she might be getting wet for. Be wary of these ladies .

2. She becomes overly respectful

It is usually men who change their behaviors when they are cheating. They become less caring. I told you before now that women are smart. When they are cheating, they become extremely loving and caring. She becomes more respectful so you wouldn’t suspect a thing.

3. She will allow you to operate her phone but you won’t see a thing

Contrary to what you think and what the above picture depicts, smart cheating women will give you her phone but you will not notice anything. She must have cleared all the clearable and deleted all the deletables. Cheating women are always one step ahead of you.

They know that if they don’t allow you operate her phone you would suspect. I will give you a little expo. Go to her freeze app and unfreeze some of the apps there then turn on her mobile data. You will see things that will shock you.

4. Deeply lost in thought when you are with her.

Baby girl is always lost in thoughts. Even when you are doing it, her energy only matched yours when she has the thought of him in her head. How he handles her more fills her head. You might at one or two times see her giggle at nothing born exhale pleasurably. That’s the effect he had on her.

Note: All pictures used are for illustrative purposes.

Have you experienced any of these with yoyr lady? Add your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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