Stop Drinking “Malt Drink And Milk,” It Doesn’t Give You Blood. Here Is What Gives You Blood

There is this general belief that mixing “malt and milk” together is the best way to replenish your blood. This is a false medication. Most times after donating blood, the doctor usually advice the donor to drink milk and malt. So with this, they think that the doctor is indirectly implying that the best way to replenish their lost blood which they donated is by drinking milk and malt.

“Malt And Milk” Doesn’t Give You Blood, the reason why the doctor usually advise blood donors to drink milk and malt is to renew and gain back their strength, because after donating blood, you will feel faint a little bit and to avoid passing out, it is required that you drink milk and malt.
So, if milk and malt dosen’t give blood, what gives blood after donating blood?

If you want to replenish your blood, it is advisable to eat more of vegetables. Vegetables contain iron which is needed in the body for blood production.

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