TikTok recorded over 23 million downloads across top ten countries in September

Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that TikTok recorded about 23.21 million downloads in September across ten countries. The downloads were recorded in September 2020 only.

TikTok popular in the U.S despite legal issues

According to the data, the United States had the highest downloads at 6.1 million. Brazil is second with 3.42 million followed by Russia at 3.22 million. Mexico is ranked fourth with 3.21 million downloads while Pakistan caps the top five countries with 1.65 million.

Other notable downloads were registered in Saudi Arabia (1.64 million), Turkey (1.51 million), Colombia (0.85 million), Egypt (0.81 million), and Argentina (0.8 million).

The research also overviewed TikTok’s downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play worldwide in September 2020, by country. The United States recorded the highest downloads on the App Store at 3.79 million. Russia is second with 0.98 million downloads while France is third with 0.53 million downloads. Canada is fourth at 0.5 million downloads, a similar figure to the United Kingdom.

Elsewhere, Brazil had 3.08 million downloads from the Google PlayStore platform making it top in the world.  Mexico recorded the second-highest downloads at 3 million followed by the United States at 2.31 million downloads. Russia lies fourth with 2.24 million downloads while Pakistan is fifth with 1.65 million downloads.

It is clear that TikTok is currently enjoying high popularity across the globe. According to the research report:

“It is worth mentioning that TikTok’s popularity is astonishing but it is not a guarantee that it will reach the levels achieved by other platforms like YouTube. To maintain its popularity, TikTok needs to keep innovating and find new ways to engage users. Additionally, TikTok will have to make the platform more marketing-friendly for brands to establish the app as a social network that will last.”

The popularity appears unscathed despite the recent legal woes with the United States government.

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