Trump Is Born To Lie, His Career Is Based On It says Hillary Clinton – VIDEO

Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has declared that lying is the first and not the second nature of President Donald Trump.

Mrs. Clinton spoke in an interview on Wednesday night on Late Late Show with James Corden.

Donald Trump is a born liar, his career is based in lies : Hillary Clinton View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Trump, she said, is “incapable of not lying”

“He has made his career on the basis of lies about his wealth.

“We now know definitively something that I said back in 2016, he’s not as rich as he claims, he doesn’t pay income tax, and everything else that we learned. So, lying is not just second, it’s first nature to Donald Trump.”

Clinton described the debate between Trump and Joe Biden as nerve-wracking.”

She said she knew Trump was capable of a lot of things.

“I know he will do or say anything, as we saw last night(Tuesday).

“So, I was watching but every so often I’d kind of be cringing or I’d be going ‘oh!’ A lot of dramatic moments.

” And there were a couple of times i just had to get up and walk [out] because it’s very sad to think that we’re having the most important election in maybe our history coming up and the president, one of the two candidates, can’t be bothered to answer the questions, put forward any kind of agenda for the future.

“It’s all insult and attack and braggadocio. It was sad, James. It was maddening and sad at the same time.”

She however scored Joe Biden high for standing his ground, despite the barrage of attacks and insults by Trump.

Watch video below:

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