If Your Bank ATM Card Gets Stolen, Quickly Do Any Of These 5 things To Block It Instantly – Must Read

What do you do if your bank ATM card gets stolen? Well, you are going to find out in this article. Some people have been unlucky to have their ATM card get stolen but one thing many people do not know is that you can actually block your bank ATM card within minutes if it is stolen.

Even if it was not stolen and you simply misplaced it, it is important you block it immediately because there are dubious people out there who are very good with hacking and they may easily gain access to the funds in your account trough your stolen/misplaced ATM card if you don’t block it.

Incase you find yourself in such a situation, do not take a chances! Quickly do any of these 5 things to block the ATM card.

1. Call your bank customer care line: Every bank has a customer care service and it is important that as a customer of that bank you should always have the customer care service number at hand. If your ATM card gets stolen, call them and tell them to deactivate the card immediately.

2. Deactivate the card/account from your bank app: Many bank apps offer functions more than just transferring money. Try to go through your bank app and see where the option is located. If your card gets stolen you can login to the app and deactivate the card or block the account temporarily so that no withdrawals can be made from it. Even if you don’t have a phone, you can quickly use someone’s phone to download the app and deactivate the card/temporarily block the account.

3. USSD Code: Every bank has its unique ussd code for transactions. Use the phone number you supplied while opening the account to dial the your bank’s ussd code and follow the appropriate prompts till you see the option to block your ATM card.

4. Text message: Some banks have automated text message lines where you can send a prompt e.g “HOTLIST NUBAN” and the bank would make sure more no money can be withdrawn from your account till you go to the bank and rectify it. Kindly find out the different codes for your bank’s operations.

5. Hurry to the bank and lay a complaint: if you noticed that your card has been stolen and you cannot carry out any of the two options listed above, quickly rush to your bank and lay a complaint so that the card will be blocked instantly.

Stop assuming that people cannot gain access into your bank account through your ATM card without knowing your pin! There are very fraudulent people out there and they are more sophisticated than you think.

Also, do not give your ATM card details to any one. You might randomly receive a call from people claiming to be your bank but do not give people personal details about your bank account no matter who they claim to represent. Instead, kindly take a stroll to your bank and ask them whatever questions might be bothering you.

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